Sangria Festival Perfect for Days in the Sun.

It may not have been a typical August afternoon in Ghent NY, the temperature may have been a bit cooler, traces of autumn’s scent may have been detectable in the breezy air, but the Sangria Festival held at the Hudson Chatham Winery made the atmosphere as laid back as a hot summer afternoon poolside with easy listening tunes caressing the sunshine and of course, the titular fruity concoction in hand. With five refreshing Sangrias to choose from and food trucks dotting the popular winery’s property, the summer festivities were in full swing. Side Show Willie’s bassist Pete D’Amica and his band of musicians let loose on the crowd with their distinctive style and cult-like song choices. If you’re a weekend traveler, not looking to travel far beyond the borders of the tri-corner area but curious about exploring every to-do locally during the last few weekends of August, spending an afternoon parked in a lawn chair and indulging in something that eases the work week worries, intimate outdoor festivals like those held at the Hudson Chatham Winery remain some of our favorites.