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Griffin Cooper is the full-time writer and advertising associate for the magazine as well as our resident travelling utility man. Whether it’s tracking down story leads, speaking with our advertisers, or delivering magazines each month, Griffin has immersed himself in our area and enjoys being a part of the fabric of the community. A recent graduate of Suny New Paltz where he earned his degree in English, Griffin describes his dreams of writing as having taken him from coast to another. You can check out Griffin’s work in print or on our website and we look forward to what his future holds both here at Main Street and beyond.

Sour Then Sweet

Evfurryone is entitled to their feelings, right? At least thats what Nana has always said. To put it into purrospective fur you humans, I tend to be like those Sour Patch candies at times. Furrst I’m sour, then I’m sweet. But allow me explain the reasoning behind my most recent cattitude.

Did you guys see the […]

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Driven to Lead

How do you measure fortitude? It is a unique human attribute in that we all possess some measure of it, yet many of us rarely utilize this internal strength to its fullest potential. Even more poignant is the distinct imbalance between those who must retain fortitude in order to simply move forward in their lives. […]

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The Heart of Cycling Returns

The notion of combining tradition with passion is baked into the spirit of the Hudson Valley. The open air, along with the history of our area have made it one of the most attractive destinations in the state. When folks come, they cannot help but linger, and when they linger for long enough, they have […]

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Historic Village Space Hosts Ukranian Fundraising Efforts

As the war in Ukraine grows longer and more terrible with each passing day, efforts to support the war-torn country here in the states have become more passionate than ever. In the Village of Millerton, NY, residents and businesses have become familiar with the fervent humanitarian efforts of Polish-born André Wlodar and his wife Kim […]

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Climate Smart Communities

In an age of heightened climate consciousness, where political leaders and corporate enterprises have begun to feel the pressure of concerned citizens and scientists regarding the health of the planet, grassroot volunteerism has sprung up across communities everywhere. Residents in cities and towns across the country are coming together to identify and respond to the […]

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Going Home Again

There’s a groundswell taking place within our snug corner on the edge of the New England corridor that, despite feeling overwhelmingly personal for our area, holds a mirror up to an entire nation feeling the anxiety of living affordably. Months into the unexpected era of pandemic lockdowns, families who had been working in the upscale […]

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Speaking for the Trees

We have a long, and at times, turbulent history with the trees and forests that inhabit our vast landscape. Even before Europeans sailed across the Atlantic in a vain attempt to tame the “pristine wilderness” of the New World, humans were utilizing American forests to help support […]

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A Lifestyle Fusion

The concept of what “home” means to people might be the most broadly defined word in modern language. Mostly because the idea of a home is so intrinsically tied to other core human values – family, personality, even morality. For interior designer Abigail Horace, owner of Casa Marcelo, throw in a bit of chaos and […]

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