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Olivia and Caroline

We’d like to welcome our new bakers, the mother-daughter team of Olivia Valentine (who is also one of our awesome photographers) and her daughter Caroline Markonic. We’re so excited for them to take over this baking column from Jessie. Jessie will continue to contribute from time-to-time so don’t fret! But in the coming months Olivia and Caroline are going to share exciting recipes, while having lots of fun creating some mouth-watering desserts! We hope you enjoy.

April 2021 Recipe – Carrot Cake

Carrot cake can be hit or miss, it seems people either love it or hate it. This cake, however, might just be capable of winning over even the pickiest of eaters! Unlike some other carrot cakes we’ve tried, this cake doesn’t rely on its icing for flavor. The cake could be eaten completely naked or half naked and still be a winner. As self-proclaimed carrot cake connoisseurs, having eaten carrot cakes from restaurants, bakeries, friends, and family, this tops them all. If you aren’t a […]

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