It Can Look As Good When You Do It!

November 13th, 2019|Beauty|

Loren Whiteley of the Hair Lounge with 5 steps to Style Your Hair like a Pro. We all want to look our best everyday, whether it be for the health of our self-esteem, the confidence to walk away from our reflection in the bathroom mirror in the morning without a second our third visit, or simply to stay truthful to our own […]

Our Skin’s Life Cycle – How Our Skin Ages as We Do

September 19th, 2019|Beauty|

For its status as the largest organ, our skin often remains one of the most neglected parts of our body. Our skin is the most visible part of our body as well making it our first line of defense against elements in the environment. It should come as no surprise then just how many processes occur under the surface of the skin […]