Thankful fur Turkey and more

2020 has been a year fur the history books, but as I wash up fur Turkey Day, I must say, there’s so much I’m thankful fur this year.

Despite having to spend more time with the family than evfurr befurr, I want say thank you to my purrents fur putting a roof ovfurr my […]

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The Battle of Bedtime

Ellie has made huge strides when it comes to her sleep patterns -knock on wood- thanks to Mom.

Honestly, over the last few weeks, she’s been a saint!

This means I get to spend more quality time with my purrents watching the boob-tube before beddy-bye.

Though, I am beginning to wonder if sleep regression […]

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Mr. Purresident

To begin, I would like to start off by wishing evfurryone a happy Whisker Wednesday!

Secondly, I’d like to officially apologize fur letting the Ameowican people down by losing the 2020 Purresidental election.

I guess Ameowica just wasn’t ready fur a feline Purresident. However I can assure you both felines and crazy cat ladies […]

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Trick-or-Treating All Year Long

Halloween was this past Caturday and much to the surrprise of everyone in the family, Ellie wasn’t into it this year.

I believe she was supposed to be a rainbow unicorn? In that case I don’t blame her; it wouldn’t have been my furrst choice either, but then again I don’t like dressing up. […]

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A Snowy Furrcast

The furrecast for the end of this week purredicts snow. *insert the collective groan from those dreading the winter blues*

Though some might have their tails in a knot ovfurr this,  I’m actually purrretty excited. The approaching flakes even have me feeling  a bit nostalgic!

Firstly, the changing season can only mean the return of the snow […]

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As you all may know by now, my Mom is a bit of an ovfurr-the-top neat furreak. Thus, it is only on the super rare occasion that I am allowed to indulge in catnip mostly due to the the mess it makes.

Much to my surpurrise, when I meowed very politely fur some paw-ty […]

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Ottie is My Name. Don’t Wear It Out.

It’s no secret that my kid sister Ellie looks up to me (well, technically it goes both ways I suppose, but that’s besides the point!).

She’s a thoughtful kid and wants to include me in evfurrything she does, and I mean evfurry thing! Here’s a brief breakdown of her commands -er- I mean suggestions for […]

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Dental Hygiene

My mom cares deeply about the family’s dental hygiene, which is very nice of her – making sure everyone is equipped with the purroper toothbrush, toothpaste and evfurry six months has a purrper cleaning with someone called a dentist is no small feat. Because my kid sister isn’t always keen on having her teeth […]

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Where’s the Heat?

Granted, we are just now emerging from the other side of a week-long heat wave, but cold weather is officially here to stay folks.  I expect the heat to be turned on, which my purrents have neglected to do.

I suppose it’s because they aren’t home during the day so they aren’t worried about […]

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It’s All Fun and Games

My kid sister thinks it’s so much fun to play with my toys. Which is fine; I don’t play with them too much and sharing is caring — right?

Or purrhaps one cat’s old toys is a little humans treasure. Any-who…

When she’s actually playing with her toys I like to sniff around to see if there’s […]

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