Your Horoscope


Try to roll with any unanticipated twists in the tale or enforced changes to the program. These are intended to get you further faster or nudge (shove?) you up the ladder of success. And, you can assist by not kvetching, moaning, or making life hard for those around you until the original plan is restored.


For today, at least, it’s wiser to have your feet and mouth in synch than to advocate the “do as I say, not as I do” program. Moreover, vowing that you won’t take certain actions – and then promptly turning around and taking them anyway – will not exactly garner you a coffee mug with “World’s Best [employee, boss, grandpa, etc]” embossed on it.


Put off expressing your views (or disciplining a partner or loved one for being a dingbat) for another 48 hours or so. Elves working diligently behind the scenes in the writing room are polishing your words and refining your presentation, so that those involved will have no choice but to say “You’re absolutely right!”


Your credibility will be enhanced and your reputation burnished if you finally live up to your word and take specific actions you’ve been promising, even if these aren’t exactly a picnic so you’ve been postponing them for ages. Hip, hip, hooray, and in addition, you could even get a couple of streets and a sports arena named after you!


If an intimate or relative keeps contradicting themselves, just wait, rather than trying to divine what they’re trying to accomplish or want from you. Later in the weekend they’ll figure it out on their own, and meantime you won’t have to exhaust yourself watching them do any complicated interpretive dances.


You may not adore following another’s lead, but just pretend you’re in the midst of a consensus meeting and (according to Robert’s Rule of Law) it’s their turn. Seriously, if you craft your strategy in response to their moves, you have a better shot at getting your point across than if you try to wrest control of the situation from them.


At this juncture it is your definition of “rewarding” and “enjoyable” that counts, rather than somebody else’s. Therefore, time spent researching, investigating and honing your ideas on this topic is time well spent, and anybody who tells you otherwise has clearly forgotten that adage about one man’s meat being another man’s “wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.”


Do yourself a favor and let your adventurous side (rather than your ability to toil like team of oxen pulling a plow) rule the day. Coming up, there will be plenty of opportunities to walk the straight and narrow – but at the moment, being flexible and a little bit bold is the best medicine for your body and soul.


Should you have too much on your plate, or be juggling more than the usual number of flaming torches while unicycling down a steep incline, slow yourself down. You are inches from a breakthrough, but you’re also inches from being so overbooked and fragmented that it will be difficult to take advantage of it.


When attempting to deal with outstanding household or familial issues, be cheerful but direct about what works for you and what doesn’t. Sending mixed messages will only cause consternation – so, even if it means bending over backwards to be diplomatic and not come across like Muammar Gadafi having a bad hair day, do your best.


Try to tap your inventive and innovative superpowers, rather than being orthodox and rigidly rule-abiding. You’re far more likely to recharge your creative batteries (and ingenuity) if you try to devise ways to mix things up a bit, rather than additional ways to maintain a status quo that appears to be wilting like week-old collard greens.


Make sure that you’ve properly assessed the economic and emotional viability of a set-up before volunteering your resources and attentions. Inasmuch as it is statistically impossible to be all things to all people, you may benefit by being slightly more selective about who receives your good offices, and who has to stand in line.