Your Horoscope


Beware coming on hard when a light touch will serve the purpose just as well. In this somewhat tricky, sensitive environment, you should probably be conscious of the fact that your idea of “gentle approach” could well be another person’s idea of a nuclear missile launch, and perhaps dial it back even further than you’d originally intended.


If you’re flexible about your position and are inclined to take current events and circumstances into account, you’re far more likely to receive the financial consideration or other external support that you seek. So if you wish to prevail, at least appear willing to go with the flow and/or consensus view, irrespective of your actual feelings on the subject.


If you’ll turn to your Kenny Rogers songbook, you’ll recall that you “got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.” So even if you’re not entirely thrilled with your hand, try to play it to the best of your ability anyway. And, if you focus on what you have – rather than what you don’t – it will be easier to fashion what you have into something workable.


Let others do what they’re going to do and say what they’re going to say without yielding to the urge to weigh in, refute, correct, intervene, redirect, or play favorites. If you follow these easy steps for staying out of it, they’ll likely exhaust themselves before you’re obliged to change anything – or (yay!) accommodate anyone.


You’re on course to achieve an objective, even if there hasn’t been a familiar landmark for what seems like miles. And, given that sometime in the next 10 days, many elements are scheduled to fall into place with a gratifying snap, your best tactic is to proceed as though you’re confident that this will indeed be the case.


Those around you are apt to be quite definitive about stating their demands or expectations, even though you evinced no particular desire to hear them. Your best tactic for dealing with them? Say, “Got it, we’ll definitely figure out how to make that happen,” and then go about your way, doing whatever it is that you’d planned from the outset.


Test the amps, put on your tight pants, wax up your mustache, and hit it: “We are the champions, my friend. No time for losers, cause we are the champions of the world!” Truly, if you’re going to try your hand at the business of creating self-fulfilling prophecies, you might as well make them good ones.


Ongoing events could be making it abundantly clear that certain structures work and other structures don’t, leaving you with the assignment of picking up the pieces – and then determining what you’re supposed to do next. This may require some creative thinking on your part, but when push comes to shove, you can be pretty darn resourceful.


Being cheerful about an undertaking or the prospects of a venture is wonderful, but this optimism shouldn’t replace old-fashioned research. So before jumping from one bandwagon to another, or signing on to somebody else’s program, ask the questions that will snag you the data you need to make important decisions.


For the next couple of days, you’ll likely get more mileage from exercising benign neglect than you will from pressing your case or pushing the issues. So even if you feel that you have already demonstrated the patience of Saint Augustine and the stamina of Haile Gebrselassie on this one, try to hang on just a little bit longer.


Sit tight, keep your shirt on, bide your time, or any other synonym for “wait and see” that works for you. There’s still (figuratively speaking) another sequel to the professional or partnership movie, and since you’ve already hung in for this long you might as well stick it through till the theater lights dim, sometime circa the coming week.


Remember: The freedom to do as you please is one of your inherent rights, and nobody can keep you tied to an arrangement or set-up that doesn’t do it for you. So, having established that they can’t make you stay, we can move on to whether you would like to hang around – or whether you want to head for Splitsville.