Your Horoscope


Try to avoid ascribing virtues or benefits to an arrangement that redefines “ain’t gonna happen.” Truly, this is a golden opportunity to come to terms with the reality of a situation, and then adjust it so that you can derive more of whatever your want (i.e. money, recognition, power, satisfaction, productivity, and so forth).


You might want take some of the mustard off the comment, statement, friendly hint, or piece of advice. Current influences are sharp and poky – and sweet li’l ole you could actually end up sounding harsher than the situation warrants (or than would motivate the relevant parties to do it a better way).


Listen to the suggestions of anyone who has a proven record of offering good advice on the topic, especially if they’re suggesting that you shift strategies, modify the approach slightly, or do it a bit differently. Seriously, the more readily you’re willing to work within the bounds of a collaboration and heed instructions, the better.


Btw: If you make yourself available for it, people won’t think twice about backing a dumptruck full of problems into your driveway and then wait for you to make things all better for them – “things” being defined as matters that they’ve had approximately ten years to deal with but somehow still haven’t gotten around to.


Be especially attuned to the difference between talking about doing something (ending the dysfunctional pattern, advertising your product, fixing the furnace, taking a stand, consulting with a tax advisor) and actually doing it. At this juncture it’s less about endlessly debating the merits of a course of action – and more about taking the appropriate steps.


These planets are really big on seeing a venture, relationship, affiliation, or program for what it is, notwithstanding wishful thinking. So check it out – realistically – and then make any necessary adjustments to allow things to hum along smoothly and/or get everybody involved with the operation on the same page.


These planets could be make you incredibly assertive, and absolutely positive that you know the reasons for someone’s behavior. However…if you were to cut to the chase and actually ask them point-blank, you’d likely discover that their motives are not remotely similar to the ones that you’ve ascribed to them.


Scrutinize the true underlying dynamics of a situation or arrangement. Irrespective of what is being alleged, at whatever pitch, the purported issue (i.e. “I’m being ghosted”) could bear as much resemblance to the actual issue (i.e. the person “ghosting” you is dealing with an intense and distracting family emergency) as mustard does to marshmallows.


There will likely be several opportunities to interpret or diagnose an arrangement, set-up, prospect, or relationship based on information that is being made available. So, should you find yourself in the midst, do keep in mind that there is a critical distinction between “made available” and “actually available if you don’t take everything you’re hearing at face value.”


Even if a situation is exhibiting glitches, think twice before nagging, pushing, or making an ultimatum – even if you’re nagging, pushing, or making an ultimatum in a manner that would make a Japanese tea ceremony look mindless. At the moment, feigning detachment will get you further faster than will, uh, seizing initiative.


Well, maybe you do want to update your auto insurance…or pack up the ski equipment…or update your professional profile…or spring clean the kitchen…or pay off those late fees…or…These planets are definitely placing the emphasis on order and efficiency (with a little law thrown in for good measure.)


Be as explicit and precise as possible about commercial, emotional, or physical issues. Also, steer clear of random altering of self or project (“Pretty sure I can rewrite the code for the whole site and see how it looks in the morning” “Maybe I’ll skip my meds and start drinking cider vinegar”) or vague guidance (“Put the thing on the whatsit, will you?”).