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List of Local Businesses for Takeout, Grocery, Delivery and Retail options

To ensure the continued support of our local businesses, we will be providing a growing list, organized by county, of businesses in our area who are offering our community takeout, grocery, delivery as well as retail options. If you do not see your business on this list contact Griffin Cooper at to add your business name, contact info and […]

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A Grassroots Movement Along the Pavement

Perhaps you have seen them, driving by on a brisk weekend morning or while attempting to navigate the winding country roads of Hillsdale, NY during one of our seldom 2020 winter snowfalls. The sight of bright orange bags sitting starkly against a backdrop of dead winter brush, dotted with discarded cans and modern debris, waiting for Spring’s greens […]

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Local Resident Seeks to Transform Historic Church In Egremont

For the better part of two years residents of Egremont, MA and congregants of the historic First Congregational Church of South Egremont have struggled to find a solution when it comes to the future of the 187-year-old building. Preservation efforts have included everything from fundraising and private sales to former congregants attempting to ask the town to accept […]

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