1. Stove Top stuffing wins every time over home-made stuffing, especially when that home-made stuff has liver in it. Sorry to all of the home-made-stuffing-lovers out there.

2. Apple pie wins our vote as the Thanksgiving Day dessert. It beat out the other choices such as pumpkin and pecan. That sweet and crusty apple pie with vanilla ice cream is just too hard to beat.

3. Gravy. No Thanksgiving meal is complete unless drizzled in gravy.

4. Cranberry sauce. Now here was a discussion on our end. Is it necessary? Is it a must? The consensus for us was that the canned cranberry jelly is the way to go. After all, the best T-day bite is a piece of turkey, with Stove Top stuffing on the fork, and a dab of cranberry jelly.

5. The sweet potato. To be included, to not be included – that is the question. The most polarizing dish. What helps to tip the scales? Those puffy little white sugar clouds. Marshmallows make or break the Thanksgiving sweet potato dish.

When ranking our favorite Thanksgiving foods, we couldn’t resist including left-overs- there’s just something about the taste of a Thanksgiving turkey left-over sandwich that deserves a mention.

And we have to raise one point about our favorite’s list here, as some might have noticed, turkey didn’t make the cut! We gotta “lol” on that one! Even though the turkey is the center piece of the traditional t-day meal, it is so often about the side dishes that make all of the difference. So this Thanksgiving, let individuality shine just as much as the main attraction. Happy Thanksgiving.