Everybody is talking about sustainability. Finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, are critical to the health of our planet and the future we hand down to our children.

Learning to live in a manner that is both environmentally sustainable and also fulfilling, requires reinventing ourselves from the ground up. In doing so, it is also important to make sure that we cause this new way of life to be joyfully and hopefully created. Thankfully, it can also be done with great style!

Designing the interiors and garden spaces that we inhabit, using antiques and vintage furnishings, is an immediate way to practice sustainable living. Although sourcing antique furniture at reasonable prices is more work than simply ordering everything online from Amazon or Restoration Hardware, if you immerse yourself in the process and take pleasure in the hunt, your home will be so much more personal as well as sustainable in the end!

Coincidentally, as style and fashion are always cyclical, antiques are galloping back into fashion! Flip through any of the shelter magazines on the newsstand and you will see the glorious resurgence of antiques, art and collecting! As we begin to reinvent our ways of life, living slower and more intentionally will bring with it the pleasures of personal creativity.

Living in real life. Taking the time to make right choices. Owning the future while embracing the past. This is a way to celebrate what is possible. It may sound trite to say that furnishing your home with antiques will help save the world, but really, it will. Every single thing we can do helps. And at least this one thing , is an effort that will give you immediate gratification both morally and visually! #sustainableinteriordesign @montageantiques