Valentine’s Day means something different to everyone. Whether you’ve been together for years, in the throes of something brand new or rekindling an old flame, when the calendar turns to the 14th of February, it’s all about knowing the one you’re with. This year, we’ve asked a few of our favorite local businesses to offer up their best suggestions for the big V-Day gift. What we got in return was a mixture of classic gifts, traditional favorites with a twist, and altogether unique specialty items to add a personal touch to this year’s Valentine’s Day surprise.

Flowers- From Timeless to Exotic Presented by Roaring Oaks Florist

 Perhaps the closest a gift can get to a “sure thing” on Valentine’s Day is a fragrant bouquet of flowers. The perfect floral arrangement can be the most honest way of expressing love and appreciation. The folks at Roaring Oaks Florist in Lakeville, CT have given us their top five flowers when it comes to Valentine’s Day arrangements:

1 – The Rose, A timeless and classic flower that can be presented in a variety of sizes and colors. Either a full bouquet that will be the envy of every office coworker, or presented singularly as a more personal, romantic gesture.

2 – Lilies, A fragrant, and stunning flower that symbolizes humility and devotion. Perfect for those on the verge of long-term commitment or who have been happily together for years.

3 – Orchids, Exotic and beautiful, orchids of course represent love but luxury, beauty and strength as well. Orchids can show your partner how strong and virile your relationship is.

4 – Freesia, Dainty and fragrant, the freesia is unique to Valentine’s Day because it may actually be the perfect gift for your non-romantic partner. Typically representing friendship and trust, freesias show us there’s more than one way to love on Valentine’s Day.

5 – Hydrangea, hydrangeas are showy and distinct flowers that can represent different meanings based on color. Typically blue hydrangeas symbolize fragility and apology for those looking to reconcile while purple hydrangeas represent a more personal desire to understand someone.

For more info visit, call (860) 364-5380 or stop by the shop at 349A Main Street Lakeville CT. 06039

Chocolate-A Radical Twist on the Sweet Treat Presented by Robin’s Candy

Sure, we all know chocolate is the one Valentine indulgence that works on several levels of love. Euphemisms aside, giving the traditional candy to your partner in one form or another is a great way to show your love. In Great Barrington, MA at Robin’s Candy Shop, owner Robin Helfand is taking the sentimental sweet treat and giving it a unique- even spicy- spin.

Chocolate Linguine- Looking to make your candlelight Italian dinner a bit more indulgent? Robin’s uses wild, unsweetened Belgian chocolate to create a savory chocolate linguine as well as raspberry puree to create its gemelli shaped chocolate treat.

The Toe of Satan- Here’s where things get more than a little spicy this Valentine’s Day. Robin’s Candy offers the well-stocked and aptly named Toe of Satan, a lollipop made from the infamous Carolina Reaper. The Reaper registers 9 million scoville units making it the hottest pepper on the planet, and making Robin’s one of only handful of retailers to stock them in the area. While you’re still burning with passion try the Lil’ Nitro dubbed “the world’s hottest Gummy Bear, Robin’s is the only New England retailer to sell it.

Maple Bacon Cup- Could there be a more romantic marriage than chocolate and bacon? Robin brings Valentine couples what she calls “brunch truffles”, thick chocolate truffles filled with savory maple bacon.

Visit Robin’s Candy at 288 Main Street Great Barrington, MA,  go online at, to get in touch with Robin’s email or to call regarding shipping and special orders dial (413) 528-8477

 A Personal Touch for that Special Someone Presented by Merwin Farm and Home

 You don’t always have to break the bank or stick to tradition when it comes to picking Valentine’s day gifts that have an impact. Rustic antique and furnishing shops sprinkle the Hudson Valley with their charm and homemade offerings. Merwin Farm and Home in Millerton NY revels in that motif and this Valentine’s Day, offers couples looking to surprise their partner with a gift something a bit more personal by stocking a variety of unique, organic choices.

Soy Candles- Soy candles from Antique Candle Co utilize soy wax to create an eco-friendly blend of fragrance and durability. The fragrance oils evaporate slowly giving the candle itself a longer shelf-life and provides the perfect gift for the organic lover in your life.

Handmade Soaps- handmade soaps from Simply Bee represent the highest standard cold process soap. Minus chemicals or toxins, handmade soaps make smelling great almost completely organic. With a variety of scents, handmade soaps might be just the earthy touch your partner might need this Valentine’s Day to bring romance back to its roots.

Art Prints- Art is as personal as love itself. What appeals to some might be appalling to another, that’s why giving the right print might mean you know your partner better than anyone else. Merwin Farm and Home currently stocks prints from Maria Cullinan, whose original oil paintings inspire seasonal and personal sentiment.

Visit Merwin Farm and Home at 20 Main Street Millerton, NY 12546 or on social media @MerwinFarm