Restaurant Review

Lagrangeville’s Hangars Cafe offers a unique, delicious brunch experience

By Published On: July 2nd, 2024

This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I were contemplating breakfast spots, and decided upon Hangars Cafe, which overlooks Sky Acres Airport in Lagrangeville, NY. It is safe to say that we will be returning soon, as our experience was wonderful, complete with a tasty meal and an exciting dining atmosphere!

Open Friday to Sunday from 7am to 2pm, this cafe is the perfect place for a special weekend treat and an accompanying stroll outside, where you can witness small, brilliantly striped planes fueling up and soaring through the sky. When we first turned onto Airway Drive, where the airport and Hangars Cafe are located, it truly struck me how close all of the aircraft activities were to the restaurant itself, only separated by a black fence. 

Before we entered the cafe, we walked across the outdoor seating area overlooking the grassy landscape and took in the fresh air. And upon walking into the cafe’s dining space, we were immediately met with a welcoming warmth and the cozy ambiance of brunch conversation.

Images courtesy of the Hangars Cafe website’s homepage

Once we sat down at one of the tables against the wall, we experienced the cafe’s motto firsthand: “Everyone gets the window seat.” Although we were a few tables away from the large windows that gave guests a clear glimpse outside, we were still able to watch as a plane fueled up and traveled around the path right by the cafe. It was such a unique phenomenon to witness while eating, and we appreciated every minute of it.

Since we arrived around 10am, my boyfriend and I both opted for breakfast, each ordering a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. It was so yummy, layered with flavors, garnished with sprouts, and served with deliciously seasoned home fries that included sweet potatoes (a very happy surprise for me!). With the food served fresh and from scratch, and with Culinary Institute of America alumni in the kitchen, it’s a no-brainer that the cuisine at Hangars Cafe is so impressive.

You can ask anyone who has ever eaten a meal with me—no matter where I go, I almost always take a picture of my plate and all of our food presented nicely before we eat it. As I hover above the table with my camera, I typically joke like many of my friends do, “Phone eats first.” I think the fact that, inexplicably, I didn’t take any of these pictures on this occasion, deciding instead to dig in immediately, speaks to just how delectable our food looked, smelled, and tasted! Make plans to visit Hangars Cafe—you won’t regret it!

Hangars Cafe
32 Airway Dr
Lagrangeville, NY 12540 | 845-605-1991
@hangarscafe on Instagram and Facebook!