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Olivia and Caroline

We’d like to welcome our new bakers, the mother-daughter team of Olivia Valentine (who is also one of our awesome photographers) and her daughter Caroline Markonic. We’re so excited for them to take over this baking column from Jessie. Jessie will continue to contribute from time-to-time so don’t fret! But in the coming months Olivia and Caroline are going to share exciting recipes, while having lots of fun creating some mouth-watering desserts! We hope you enjoy.

September 2021 Recipe – Fresh Peach Cobbler

A cobbler is a deep-dish baked fruit dessert with a thick biscuit topping. Traditionally, the rich fruit stew is the base. Some like to bake a cobbler with the biscuit on the bottom too, but we feel that isn’t a true cobbler. That’s more like a deep-dish pie! It is believed that the name “cobbler” got its name from the biscuit-like topping resembling cobblestones. Cobblers were created by British American settlers who lacked the proper ingredients and equipment for pie. Lucky for us because cobblers […]

August 2021 Recipe – Frozen Lemon Pie

It’s summer. It’s hot. And we feel we need to keep the no bake or minimal bake theme going.

Frozen Lemon Pie is a cinch to whip up. With very few ingredients and just a couple of minutes whisking egg yolks and sugar over the double boiler, you’ll have a refreshing summer dessert in no time!

The filling vs. crust debate

When making a pie, yes, you need to have a delicious filling, but for us, it is equally important to have a delicious crust. Nilla Wafers elevate […]

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