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Olivia and Caroline

We’d like to welcome our new bakers, the mother-daughter team of Olivia Valentine (who is also one of our awesome photographers) and her daughter Caroline Markonic. We’re so excited for them to take over this baking column from Jessie. Jessie will continue to contribute from time-to-time so don’t fret! But in the coming months Olivia and Caroline are going to share exciting recipes, while having lots of fun creating some mouth-watering desserts! We hope you enjoy.

February 2023 Recipe – Coffee Crumb Cake

Happy February! This month is all about the LOVE! For Valentine’s Day we are making something that neither one of us can say is our favorite. This dessert is specifically for our main squeezes. Both Caroline and my (Olivia’s) significant others love coffee cake. Now, Caroline has been making coffee cake for her beau’s birthday and Valentine’s Day for around three years. Every time she makes it, my sweetheart drools over it. Never having been able to try it, because someone (not mentioning any names […]

January 2023 Recipe – Buffalo Chicken Chowder

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023! That said, we are changing things up for January. Instead of a sweet treat, we are switching gears and spicing things up a bit! The chilly weather is just right for this chowder, which packs the perfect amount of heat depending on your tolerance level! Chowder is a hearty soup (like a stew) which is typically made with a creamy base made from milk or heavy cream, and meat, vegetables, seafood or fish.

If you like buffalo chicken wings, […]

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