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Olivia and Caroline

We’d like to welcome our new bakers, the mother-daughter team of Olivia Valentine (who is also one of our awesome photographers) and her daughter Caroline Markonic. We’re so excited for them to take over this baking column from Jessie. Jessie will continue to contribute from time-to-time so don’t fret! But in the coming months Olivia and Caroline are going to share exciting recipes, while having lots of fun creating some mouth-watering desserts! We hope you enjoy.

September 2022 Recipe – Florentines

We feel as though we are letting down all you chocolate lovers out there! If you haven’t noticed, we are not big chocolate fans in our house. No one liked chocolate chips added to pancakes or banana bread, and if we made chocolate chip cookies, we would always add fewer chips than called for.  Jane and Caroline would always scoop the cookies to intentionally leave one or two chipless “special” cookies, which were eaten immediately after coming out of the oven. Don’t get us wrong […]

August 2022 Recipe – Blueberry Crumb Cake

What a perfect cake to have for breakfast or snacking. Perfect for a summer picnic and parties. Caroline and I made this after picking blueberries from a local farm in Red Hook, NY. I have been doing a lot of fruit picking this summer. Last month I picked some of the best cherries I’ve ever eaten. If you have never gone fruit picking, we highly suggest it. There’s something about picking way more fruit than you even know what to do with, nearly getting sick […]

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