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The magazine features the tri-corner area: north from Copake and Ancramdale NY, to South Egremont MA and Canaan CT; south through Lakeville and Sharon in Connecticut; down Route 22 to Amenia and Millbrook, and down Route 82 from Pine Plains to Millbrook in New York – and everything inbetween – with Millerton at its center.

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May 2020

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It’s a phenomenon most have encountered. The first light snowfall of the winter season fails to accumulate on our modern roadways, but the perceptive driver notes a white dusting that outlines an ancient roadbed in the adjoining woods. Nor is this the only […]


Decades after its initial debut, the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome museum and airfield continues to lure aviation enthusiasts, history buffs, veterans, and families alike.

Every summer crowds flock to the active airfield in Rhinebeck, NY, to catch the spectacular weekend air shows and browse the […]


The phrase ‘Truth and Justice’ has lost some of its luster in today’s lexicon, more a pop culture artifact evocative of a titular comic book hero or a serial crime drama than the foundation of our American legal system. In the year 2020, […]


The very nature of radio broadcasting in the United States has gone through what Shakespeare termed a “sea change” in the 100 years since KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA, took to the airwaves on November 2, 1920 to announce that Warren G. Harding had […]

Word on the street is…

Leading by Example: Hudson’s Mayor Takes 5 for City

Never has the heart of a community been more present in City Hall than in Hudson, NY, where — since he was elected in November — Mayor Kamal Johnson has conveyed the principles of his platform by shouldering the burdens of his surrounding community. Johnson’s relentless pursuit toward bringing the [...]

What’s happening on a Main Street near you

2020 Millerton Memorial Day program to Look Different this Year

In light of current events, the 2020 Millerton Memorial Day program, hosted by its American Legion Post 178, will be done a bit differently this year due to social distancing guidelines caused by the spread of COVID-19. As a result, this year, the Post will not be inviting the public to participate in person during observances and any participation in our Memorial Day exercises will be restricted to members of the Post. However, the Post will be inviting the public to participate [...]

From Hobby to Mission: How two Local Crafters are Paying it Forward

When New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut were largely shut down due to the spread COVID-19, small businesses, healthcare workers, and residents across the area began to feel the undeniably devastating effects of mass fear and uncertainty. In the midst of this aftermath, it has become goodwill, perhaps unsurprisingly, that has conveyed the true spirit of humanity—particularly in the communities that line the Hudson Valley and its neighbors in Berkshire County and the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. In late March, as foot traffic [...]

Rankings & Reviews

Top Five Wines at Hudson Chatham Winery

One of the most enduring aspects of exploring the Hudson Valley is finding those spots that offer the world class views we have come to expect, the lushness of upstate New York’s natural world, and a little something for our own spirits to enjoy. As you saunter through this historic region during these dog days of summer, allow yourself a bit of respite, and perhaps imbibe at one of the area’s many idyllic vineyards. Here are five of our favorites from the [...]

10 fashion faux pas

High rise jeans with crop tops Crocs with socks Sandals with socks Pajamas outside of your house Active wear when you're not being active Equestrian wear / apparel when you don't even ride! Clothes that just don't fit, i.e. too big / small Pull up your pants, no one wants to see your underwear or crack Too much makeup Knowing when to tuck or leave your shirt un-tucked.

Real Estate

Still Standing

Ever since dining at the Gandy Dancer restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan’s train station and then visiting small town stations while running a travelling educational art program, the buildings beside the track have intrigued me. It seemed natural to think about this topic again for Main Street’s transportation issue. Rail lines have been ripped up and train companies have gone out of business, but many of the buildings bordering the tracks are still standing and have been saved and repurposed all over [...]

Animals & Outdoors

What You Feed Your Cat or Dog

Pet owners know that what you feed your cat or dog can be just as important as how much love and attention you give them. According to longtime dog owner, pet lover, and dog groomer Hayley Cooper, salon manager at PetSmart in Greenport NY., fish is the way to go. "Feeding your pets food with any kind of fish based nutrients helps to moisturize and take care of their skin from the inside out. Her experience in the pet grooming industry has [...]

Health & Beauty


Who doesn’t love a good slice of bacon, is there anything more representative of an American morning than the familiar sounds and smells of a mouth watering piece of bacon sizzling over a hot frying pan. However, despite the popularity of this sprightly piece of pork, it remains debatable whether or not the risks outweigh the tasty reward. Here are a few things to watch out for when it comes to bacon according to Reader’s Digest Cardiovascular diseases- a lot of the [...]