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  • Art Museum Round-Up

    Because our October issue is celebrating art and design, we are recommending a few art and history museums in the tri-state area. The NY/MA/CT [...]

  • Two Icons, One Night: Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks at Gillette Stadium

    When my parents and I set out for Foxborough, MA, on Saturday afternoon, the weather prognosis was not good. Rain from Tropical Storm Ophelia [...]

  • A delicious new dining option. New eats at Fern in Lakeville, CT

    For close to a year, those passing by the old fire station in Lakeville, CT, have wondered what the construction would result in. [...]

  • Rob’s Records & Audio

    If you share my experience of owning a record player, then you likely also share an insatiable need to collect new vinyl at any [...]

Latest Moxie Podcast

Janine has been flexing her moxie muscle throughout her life. In every phase of her career, she has identified her strengths and pursued roles that would build on them. Her path has been a moxie mix of serendipity and strategy and an openness to embrace the opportunities presented to her. Janine also sees connections between people and the organizations she serves throughout her impressive public relations and marketing career.

People Profiles

  • Then this amazing thing happened. The art director of The New York Times Magazine called me and said they were looking for a new illustrator for the William Safire’s “On Language” column.

  • Mike first decided to join the volunteer fire department out of a “deep desire to make a difference.”

Health & Wellness

  • It’s always a good idea to schedule time to pamper yourself, unwind, and indulge in some serenity.

  • Fibromyalgia is a condition that is very personal to me, since I have been living with it for over 15 years.

  • I did some research and learned that balance problems can be caused by spinal misalignment so I sought out the help of chiropractor Dr. Tyler Van Steenbergen.

  • Settling into the experience is like settling into meditation. If you’re practiced at quieting your mind, you’ll float away sooner, I suspect.


Main Street is Out and About

  • Aside from the incredible pantry shelves, the other undeniable star of the show over at Ten Mile Table is the one-woman-show known as Vitsky Bakery. Ariel Yotive is behind the bakery and on days that they’re open, you can find her in the kitchen bright and early at three in the morning, baking all of that day’s goods fresh.

  • When my parents and I set out for Foxborough, MA, on Saturday afternoon, the weather prognosis was not good. Rain from Tropical Storm Ophelia was circling New England and the temperatures were clocking in at about 52 degrees. But I couldn’t bring myself to care because we were going to see Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks perform on the same stage in the same night.

  • My expectations of Boston were similar to that of New York City. I expected the city to be busy, bustling, and the traffic to be insane. While Boston did cover all of those bases, I also found it to be a beautiful city rich with history, interesting architecture, and lots to see and do.

  • Being able to go home to a place that wasn’t swarmed by tourists but still had that convenient tube access in Zone 1, the double decker red buses passing by, and a clear view of the Shard, sharp and unwavering, was a gift that I definitely took for granted.