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August 2022

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Time to Go Tubing

Picture this: Blue skies, warm sun, a tree-lined river gurgling and beckoning. It’s the ultimate outdoorsy lazy landscape, and all you need to enjoy it is a large tube.

The folks at Farmington River Tubing (FRT) in New Hartford, CT, understand the lure […]

“You Kids Are Always on Your Phones”

Social media plays a prominent part in most, if not all, of our lives. It might have been a Facebook post that brought you to this article online, or maybe an Instagram story reminded you to pick up a copy of Main […]

Save Sharon Hospital from Closing its Services

In September, 2021 Nuvance Health announced plans to shutter the Labor and Delivery Unit at Sharon Hospital – a 78-bed general hospital in Connecticut’s Litchfield County. At the time, Nuvance announced that it would also make cuts to the Surgical Department and […]

Word on the street is…

More Music on the Mountain

Forgive us.  We can’t pass up the chance to declare that concerts staged on two upcoming Wednesdays at 5:00 PM in Gordon Hall at Music Mountain in Falls Village  (July 27th and August 3rd) are ”going for Baroque.”  It is the summer, after all – shorts, watermelon and bad plays [...]

Looking at Analog Mastered on Main Street

In a world where we can access any part of the planet from a computer in our pocket, what does it mean to be “of a place”? For winemakers, this is “terroir,” the ultimate expression of not just a region, but even a particular plot of land and the micro [...]

What’s happening on a Main Street near you

Guys and Dolls

Live theatre is back at the venerable Sharon Playhouse (Sharon, CT) where their full-blown production of Guys and Dolls is in place through August 14th.  Director/Choreographer Justin Boccitto, who is also serving as “Interim Artistic Director,” made the creative decision to have all of the dancing be tap, and the result is quite amazing.  This production marks the return of fully staged productions to the theatre after the pandemic pushed events onto an outdoor platform that lent itself to concerts, not [...]

Maestros and Mountains at 93

With the New England summer halfway through its creative arc, Music Mountain, the Falls Village, CT, treasure that has been celebrating live performances for 93 years continues to charm … and to evolve. “We’ve brought some of the finest chamber music groups and legendary jazz musicians together for another great season,” offers artistic director Oskar Espina-Ruiz. “With free events for the family, intriguing complimentary pre-concert presentations and the celebration of Haydn’s Sun Quartets as the centerpiece of the season, music is alive [...]

Baking with Olivia & Caroline

August 2022 Recipe – Blueberry Crumb Cake

What a perfect cake to have for breakfast or snacking. Perfect for a summer picnic and parties. Caroline and I made this after picking blueberries from a local farm in Red Hook, NY. I have been doing a lot of fruit picking this summer. Last month I picked some of the best cherries I’ve ever eaten. If you have never gone fruit picking, we highly suggest it. There’s something about picking way more fruit than you even know what to do with, [...]

Wine of the Week

Wine of the Week(end)

If you're heading to an outdoor event this weekend - and who isn't? - the perfect take-along wine that pairs well with everything is a Portuguese Vinho Verde. The literal translation is "green wine," but it's named after the region in Northern Portugal where the grapes it's made from are grown. Vinho Verde is renowned for its refreshing acidity, slight carbonation, and low alcohol (around 9%). Another bonus? Vinho Verde is very affordable. Grab a couple of different ones and see [...]

Deal of the Week

Red Jacket Farm in Roxbury, CT

Country compound and equestrian property. Set on 20.14± acres, this magnificent property includes the modern shingle-style main residence, heated infinity pool and spa, bath house, guest cottage, cottage, studio, horse barn, trout pond, 2 brooks, rolling lawns, pastures and paddocks. The main residence is a c1747 Georgian moved to property and rebuilt in 1991 and spacious addition built in 2008 - almost doubling the size! There are 7 bedrooms, 6 full, 3 half baths and 8 fireplaces. The new section [...]

Latest Moxie Podcast

We’re bringing the average guest age way down and amping up on the moxitude in this episode with Vemilo. He brings energy, wisdom, creativity, and love to his moxie. He talks about the power of chosen families and a good bargain, using performance to heal, the life-changing experience of summer camp, and the support he feels from his local community for his life, work, and art.

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