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Sharon Butler’s Buildingdrawing show at Furnace – Art on Paper Archive

By Published On: July 3rd, 2024

Sharon Butler’s solo show, Buildingdrawing, at Furnace – Art on Paper Archive, located at 106 Main Street in Falls Village, CT, is a unique experience. Her double-sided drawings, a rare sight, welcome you as you enter. They hang at a 90-degree angle from the wall, offering an intimate view of both sides. This arrangement allows the viewer to follow a narrative that unfolds around the edge of the room.

Standing throughout the space are installations on rolling trolleys reminiscent of market carts, hung with further drawings attached alongside multiple objects of domesticity: potato mashers, peelers, kitchen objects, and home objects. These mobile trolleys allow the hanging drawings to sway with the air movement as the onlooker navigates through the space, allowing a full 360 viewing of the works.

These intimate works have the essence of an in-depth conversation cataloging daily life. One wonders if the objects have been used in the application of the drawings, inviting an intricate slippage between drawing and sculpture, which dances throughout the show. Each angle allows for a different viewpoint, a step away from usual wall placement.

Questions play out: “What could they have been before? Were they used to make the dyes? Were they used to touch and feel these drawings?” Butler pushes the boundaries of drawing and installation, keeping the viewer curious and questioning. Just go and see the show; it will make you smile.

Sharon Butler also founded Two Coats of Paint, an NYC-based art project that includes an art blogazine, artist residency, conversations, and essays for painters. She has been awarded the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant and the Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writing Program Grant.

The show launched on June 1st and will remain in place until July 6th.

Image courtesy of Furnace – Art on Paper Archive. For inquiries, please contact Kathleen@Furnace-artonpaperarchive.com.