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THE Journey to a Healthier Me – The Journey to a Better Me – the Journey to Prolonging my Life.

I’ve been Noomin!

They say the best form of advertising and marketing is word-of-mouth. And it is true. One of the topics of discussion in more than one of my Masters of Marketing degree classes was how valuable it is when your customers “sell” your product/service for you. That entails them telling family and friends about your product/service – and essentially endorsing it. […]

Health in Quarantine

I’ve stopped counting my “health weeks,” whereas life in quarantine has turned into counting quarantine days. But so far life in quarantine has been just fine. I’d say my family and I are one of the lucky ones and so we are just fine. My whole approach to this, as it is with other things in life, is that this […]

Week 9 and 10: COVID-19

Our world and lives have changed dramatically in the time span of just a few weeks. And we are now ALL thinking of our health and well being in a very serious way. And for most of us, whether we like it or not, this virus has overtaken our lives in many ways: it’s all over the news, our jobs […]