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THE Journey to a Healthier Me – The Journey to a Better Me – the Journey to Prolonging my Life.

Week 1 of 2021 – Here We Go!

So how’s the “new you” project of 2021 coming along? I say that in jest of course, because I’m referring to how so many of us feel that January 1 is like a clean slate and a fresh start, and we tell ourselves, “The diet starts Monday!” And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m kind of doing the same […]

Don’t Scare me Like That!

Your body is constantly talking to you. It is telling you how it feels, what it is lacking, what it has too much of – and it tells you if something is wrong. The problem is (or can be) that we don’t always listen – but further, we may not know how to. Some of us don’t know that we […]

Stress and Anxiety: How can One Manage?

Everyone is talking about mental health in some fashion right now. Covid has really made us take a hard look at every single aspect of our lives, cultures and well-being. And as a result, a spotlight has been shone on mental health and on the impact this life-altering event has had one everyone.

How are you feeling […]

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