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Important Lessons for the Growing Season

I love the April environment edition of Main Street Magazine. For it means I get to shout my mantra as the headline and not have to bury it subtly in the text! Readers, flowers are meant to symbolize love, sympathy, joy, and celebration, not be the poster child for massive carbon footprints, with a sideline in social injustice. Yes, you imported flowers, grown in artificial conditions, doused in chemicals for growth and storage, refrigerated and flown, I’m talking about you!

Pom’s soapbox

Nobody loves a flower more […]

Bear Creek Farm Nurtures Beauty from the Ground Up

“Up to this point, I had a black thumb,” laughed Debra Kaye, owner of Bear Creek Farm in Stanfordville, NY. 

Bear Creek Farm first began when Debra was getting married in 2013 and needed someplace to get flowers from for the wedding. She asked a friend who owned a flower shop in Southampton, but he declined because Stanfordville was too far away for him to deliver. Instead, he urged Debra to start growing her own flowers on her land. 

“So I […]


Ask any flower farmer what is the most common misconception they hear about their business and nine times out of ten it will be “your fields must look so beautiful when they are all in full bloom.” 

The thought of a field of billowing flowers? Well, that’s enough to make a flower farmer cry. Flowers blown fully open are flowers that are not going to harvest, store, or ship well – and are certainly not going to last long in the vase for the customers […]

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Congratulations – we made it through January! Now we’ve just got February and March to get through and we’re home free and back out in the garden. I’m guessing most people have not yet given a huge amount of thought to the garden so far this year. As I’m writing this, mine is deep under a foot of snow. It’s easy to think of winter as the down, even dead, time for gardening. 

Physically, yes, it is. But it’s a fool who will live to […]

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Gardening For Your Health

Ahh January – here you are again. My favorite month – not! Horrible weather, not enough daylight, no outside gardening, and all those infernal good intentions. Not that there is anything wrong with facing the new year with optimism, fortitude, and enthusiasm; it’s just that feeling come mid-February when we have maybe not kept on track, that is the problem. 

While winning the lottery or looking like a Sports Illustrated cover girl may be some people’s heart’s desire for this year, it seems what most […]

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Here we are again! Christmas time and apparently open season for my kids to try their luck at asking for anything and everything that’s nabbed their attention for even a nano-second over the last 12 months. Gone are the days of hoping that they will like their surprise – if it’s not on an itemized highlighted list (with links provided), I’ve learned not to go there.

Tricky gifts?

My husband, when he reads this, will protest that if there is one truly tricky member of this […]

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Pots of Gold

I’ve been thinking a lot about pots recently. As I write this, the first frost warnings are being whispered on all my fellow gardeners’ Instagram accounts. My bulbs, ordered way back in June when caution is always blown to the wind as the lessons of just having harvested 8,000 tulips are blatantly ignored, have started to trickle in. Despite not even having Halloween out of the way at the time of this writing, I’ve started to place Christmas foliage orders. All of which makes me […]

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