The Dos and Don’ts of the Mediterranean diet

According to quite a few doctors and cardiologists that I’ve spoken with, when it comes to a “diet” (and that’s not ‘diet’ as in you’re reducing the caloric intake and exercising to lose weight, but rather ‘diet’ as in how and what you eat) they all say that the best one for long-term health is the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet […]

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Since when did this super-food get assigned such an unusual reputation?

All “hipster avocado toast” jokes aside, the benefits of enjoying an avocado in a salad or simply on its own are worth noting, here’s what Reader’s Digest has to say about this precocious fruit.

Lowers the risk of many heart related diseases as well as cancer risks- Among other things, avocados […]

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Who doesn’t love a good slice of bacon, is there anything more representative of an American morning than the familiar sounds and smells of a mouth watering piece of bacon sizzling over a hot frying pan. However, despite the popularity of this sprightly piece of pork, it remains debatable whether or not the risks outweigh the tasty reward. Here are […]

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Pilates Perseverance During the Pandemic

The pandemic hasn’t slowed Body Be Well Pilates of Red Hook, NY, down any! Like so many of our local (and national and global) businesses, adapt-adjust-persevere is what we have all had to do. And Body Be Well has done just that. Now, with the help of an Internet connection and a free app, you too can exercise with Chelsea […]

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Your Guide to Home Workouts with Kristina Proper

Wait, what? I can’t go to the gym? How will I survive?

These were my thoughts 2 weeks ago…

I teach spin at KS Fitness in Hudson, NY. I love it, I need it, it helps keep me focused and in shape. The days I don’t teach spin class, I do a pretty simple, partially intense workout routine at our school’s fitness […]

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Cycling Instructor Kristina Proper on How to Fit Exercise In

Maintaining physical fitness can be a challenge for anyone. Whether it’s our diet, exercise routines, or just being physically active, our busy work and personal lives don’t always leave much time for ensuring our bodies are at peak performance. But, as local Spin Cycling instructor Kristina Shepard Proper explains, there are many types of exercises we can fit into our […]

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Let’s Manage Everyday Stress

“If you do not take time for your WELLNESS you will be forced to take time for your ILLNESS”!

By Lori Parsons and Dr. Jay Kain

With this fast-paced world, where speed has become the new norm, comes heightened levels of stress. While certain amounts of stress are beneficial, excessive levels can create a spiraling multitude of detrimental effects. At one’s very […]

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