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Farmhouse Holiday Decorating Tips

1. Use a simple color scheme. I like to stick with green, off-white, and red. Removing the red after the holiday can move you straight into winter without having to take down all your decorations.

2. Work in antiques or family heirlooms to add your own personal touch. Vintage toy trucks or antique glass ornaments gathered […]

2020-04-06T18:51:15-04:00April 6th, 2020|


It’s that time of year again, the leaves are almost down, Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas will be here before you know it, and so will winter! Now is the time to start thinking about preparing for the winter months. In the Northeast most people seem to either love or hate the snow, but […]

2020-04-06T18:48:25-04:00April 6th, 2020|

Insuring Your World

Two interesting insurance issues came to me this past month that I thought worthy of sharing with you. The first relates to those folks renting their homes through an Air B&B service. We recently had a client that had informed my office of his rental intentions and we added the appropriate endorsements to his homeowner’s […]

2020-04-06T18:44:23-04:00April 6th, 2020|

Health in Quarantine

I’ve stopped counting my “health weeks,” whereas life in quarantine has turned into counting quarantine days. But so far life in quarantine has been just fine. I’d say my family and I are one of the lucky ones and so we are just fine. My whole approach to this, as it is with other things […]

2020-04-06T16:29:00-04:00April 6th, 2020|

Is this the best chocolate cake you’ll ever have?

Today is my birthday. Yes, yes, it is. The sun is out, it’s a glorious day, and it feels like Sunday. But it’s Monday. But now a days what day of the week it is doesn’t really matter. Instead we now count what quarantine day it is. Well, this quarantine day is also my birth-day […]

2020-04-06T16:06:51-04:00April 6th, 2020|

Let’s Make Home Happen for Echo!


The shelter is located on Route 9G also known as Violet Avenue. From Route 9 (either the North or South), turn on to St. Andrews Road (also known as County Route 40A). Follow the road to end at the intersection of 9G. Turn right and make an immediate left into the shelter. The […]

2020-04-03T17:12:50-04:00April 3rd, 2020|

The Importance of a Website

As any business-owner knows, in today’s day and age, a website is a necessity – no matter how large or small your business. One of the main and simple reasons is that it seems that just about everyone Googles everything now-a-days, or if they are looking to purchase a product or service, they’ll do their […]

2020-04-03T10:43:34-04:00April 3rd, 2020|

Hanging a Gallery Wall

A popular design trend today is hanging artwork in a salon-style gallery wall. Here are a few simple tips for tackling this job. First don’t stress about making it perfect, the design is about your style rather than perfection. Design ideas range from combining multiple frame styles, while others might prefer the simplicity of a […]

2020-04-03T10:44:37-04:00April 3rd, 2020|


My husband and I were on Martha’s Vineyard some months ago visiting friends and enjoying that very special island. One of the stops we like to make when we’re there is at the Granary Gallery where our good friend Dan Murray exhibits some of his incredible sculptures in the company of works by Margaret Bourke-White, […]

2020-04-03T10:42:29-04:00April 3rd, 2020|