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Time to be Transported

In Chile, on the other side of the equator, it’s now fall. Harvest season. Far, far away from Upstate New York, where on top of everything else going on there were a couple of inches of snow this week.

Sure, the grass is getting greener, and buds are peeking out everywhere, but it’s still very early spring. I was in the […]

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Keep it Local

When the ever-upbeat editor and content provider Griffin Cooper asked this week if I had suggestions of wine to pair with impending doom, I wanted to laugh and cry. That’s how it feels. I know that liquor stores, like grocery stores, are doing booming business, and thank goodness, as they are small, local businesses, too. But wineries can no […]
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If You Can’t Go There, Enjoy It Here

It’s unimaginable that the whole country of Italy is on a COVID19 lock-down. It breaks my heart.

We’re so lucky to have lots of Italian wines available to us in our good old United States of America. One that I enjoyed recently is a fabulous organic Moscato d’Asti from Bera. When I think of Asti I think of too-sweet and under-bubbled […]

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Look for a “Wine of the Week” review by Dominique and Carlo DeVito of Hudson-Chatham Winery. Besides owning the winery, both have backgrounds in food and wine publishing. Carlo writes a blog called “East Coast Wines.” Their winery and vineyard are based in Ghent, NY. Cheers!