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Barefoot Pinot Noir

Was it just a week ago we were gathering for Thanksgiving? I hope it was a blessed and happy day for all. If you’re feeling “spent” from the holiday, then Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and – yes – the reality of just over three weeks til Christmas, you need this wine […]
By |November 30th, 2023|Weekly Feature, Wine of the Week|

Beau Nouveau

It’s that time of year – the Beaujolais Nouveau is here! While this annual release is no longer the novelty it once was, it’s still cause for celebration, and this year’s vintage is tres, tres bon (very, very good). Being in the biz, I got a bottle of the Dubouef early and was eager to taste […]
By |November 16th, 2023|Wine of the Week|

Tackitt Family Vineyards 2021 Gewurtztraminer

With Veteran’s Day falling on Sunday, November 11 this year, my thoughts for wine turned to wineries started or run by veterans. I couldn’t think of any in the Hudson Valley, off-hand, and a Google search didn’t help. I did find an article from Wine Enthusiast magazine that listed several veteran-run wineries on the West Coast. […]
By |November 9th, 2023|Wine of the Week|

2021 Bogle Family Vineyard’s Old Vine Zinfandel

We’re snuggling into red wine season and I, for one, am quite happy about this. While I’m not a fan of colder, darker days, there’s something liberating about coming home from work in the early evening and changing into pajamas knowing no one but your family will see you until the next day. Pajamas on? Dinner started? Glass of red wine. I recently tried and […]

By |November 1st, 2023|Wine of the Week|

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