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Bubbles Make Everything Better

This is a motto I’ve come to live by. Yes, I like a lovely dry red or a minerally refreshing white. And there are wines that definitely make some foods taste better (and worse). A wine that’s almost universally wonderful, though, is sparkling wine. In France, Champagne. In Spain, Cava. In Italy, Prosecco. In the US, Blanc de Blanc. We get introduced to sparkling wine at especially celebratory occasions like weddings and graduations or holidays like Christmas and, of course, New Year’s. Sparkling wine has […]

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I’ve been a fan of the Cune wines from Rioja since my days in Manhattan trolling wine stores for bargain bottles. I had a favorite shop that had lots of Spanish and Portuguese reds, and that’s where I first discovered their wines. I learned then what I know now: There isn’t a bad one coming from that winery in the northern part of Spain. I picked up a bottle of the Crianza 2016 (under $15), which the label told me, “…was produced by the fifth […]

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Bastide Miraflors

I was in the mood for a succulent red the other day, and I found myself in East Chatham Wine & Spirits. I love this store. It’s cozy and cute and stocked with great wine. The owner, Mary, is super-nice and happy to make recommendations. When I described what I was in the mood for, she immediately directed me to the French wine, Bastide Miraflors. It’s a 2016 Syrah with Old Vines Grenache. Just the ticket for my craving. I was delighted by the deep […]

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Balderdash Cellars

I can’t help it, I just want to keep showcasing local wines. There are so many good ones in easy reach of Main Street enthusiasts. One not to be missed – especially this time of year – is Balderdash Cellars in Pittsfield. With Halloween just weeks away, how can you not want to try and stock up on wines from a place whose motto is “Wicked Wines & Tall Tales”? But wait, it gets better! They have a line of wines called Truth Serum with […]

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Look for a “Wine of the Week” review by Dominique and Carlo DeVito of Hudson-Chatham Winery. Besides owning the winery, both have backgrounds in food and wine publishing. Carlo writes a blog called “East Coast Wines.” Their winery and vineyard are based in Ghent, NY. Cheers!