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  • Selecting a Financial Advisor for Your Family Office
    by Nicholas Stuller on May 7, 2021

    By Lee Sherman Depending on the size of your family and whether or not you are actually running a family business, you may have different needs when it comes to selecting a financial advisor. What is a family office? A family office is a privately held […]

  • 401(k) Split Decision: Traditional vs. Roth
    by Nicholas Stuller on May 6, 2021

    By John Drachman With the solvency of Social Security beyond 2037 an ongoing question, future retirees must continue to carefully navigate their retirement plan choices to ensure their future nest egg will generate a flow of periodic income they cannot […]

  • 8 Eternal Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett
    by Nicholas Stuller on May 5, 2021

    By Peter Mastrantuono Warren Buffett is considered one of the most successful investors ever, turning an investment of $140,000 at age 26 into over $100 billion—his current net worth at age 90. While most investors will never be quite as successful, the […]

  • Do Politics and Investing Mix?
    by Nicholas Stuller on May 4, 2021

    By Thomas Kostigen Should politics and investing mix? A recent column in the Wall Street Journal claims they should remain separate and distinct, that shareholder value is different than political values, and that the rise of the environmental, social, […]

  • Success with His Parents Advisor
    by Nicholas Stuller on May 3, 2021

    By Nicholas W. Stuller This investor, born in the first year of the Millennial generation, has experienced a common decision-making process of whether or not to use his parents’ financial advisor. In this interview, he shares his experience over the […]

  • Changing Citizenship: Is it Worth it?
    by Nicholas Stuller on April 30, 2021

    By Lee Sherman With taxes expected to rise for people making over $400,000 a year, you may be thinking that now might be a good time to become a citizen of another country. In addition to hiking up taxes, the Biden administration plans to pay for its […]

  • Government Regulation of Crypto: Coming Soon?
    by Nicholas Stuller on April 29, 2021

    By John Drachman If India’s policymakers opt for a digital currency pegged to the Rupee this year, can a U.S. Treasury-based digital dollar be far behind? Following a proposal to prohibit what it calls “all private cryptocurrencies in India,” the […]

  • 2,700 Rules: The Complexity of Social Security
    by Nicholas Stuller on April 28, 2021

    By Peter Mastrantuono Albert Einstein once observed that everything should be made as simple as possible, but not too simple. The complexity of Social Security suggests that Einstein’s advice went unheeded. To illustrate just how complicated Social […]

  • Climate Pledges: Help or Hurt the Economy?
    by Nicholas Stuller on April 27, 2021

    By Thomas Kostigen For decades some members of the business community have pushed back against efforts to mitigate the effects of global warming with claims that such pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions put the United States at a global economic […]

  • Sell Your Company and Pay No Capital Gains Tax
    by Nicholas Stuller on April 26, 2021

    By Nicholas W. Stuller “The best-kept secret in the United States Tax Code that can positively impact a business owner are ESOPs…” says Don Israel, the co-founder of New York based Benefit Concepts Systems, Inc. He and partner Dave Weinstock started […]