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  • Widows and International Women’s Day
    by Nicholas Stuller on March 8, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor In 1977, the United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day. However, the effort to create a gender equal world began hundreds of years prior. The need for a world without bias can be especially acute if you are […]

  • Unclaimed Funds Could be Waiting for You
    by Nicholas Stuller on March 2, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor Have you ever considered the possibility of having unclaimed funds waiting for you? It might sound like a long shot, but according to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), there is currently […]

  • Private Placements Not Necessarily Illiquid
    by Nicholas Stuller on February 27, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor High Net Worth investors have long been advised that investments in private companies had the additional risk factor over public securities of illiquidity and that one should not be surprised of holding periods of five, seven […]

  • How to Lower Tutoring Costs
    by Nicholas Stuller on February 24, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor Many parents want to give their children an edge in their education or get them caught up if they are behind their peers. It is not uncommon to spend $5,000 or more per year on services such as Sylvan, Kaplan or private […]

  • How to Unwind a Timeshare
    by Nicholas Stuller on February 22, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor The sharing economy is upon us as evidenced by the success of Uber and Airbnb and even private jet services, but one of the oldest sharing ecosystems has been Timeshares, which have been a popular vacation option for many […]

  • Small House Down Payment and Invest the Rest?
    by Nicholas Stuller on February 16, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments that most people will make in their lives. When buying a home, the initial down payment is one of the most important considerations. Traditionally, home buyers are […]

  • When is a Stock Too Expensive?
    by Nicholas Stuller on February 14, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor As an investor, one of the biggest questions you may face is determining whether a stock is too expensive to buy. While the answer can vary depending on a variety of factors, there are a few key metrics and indicators that you […]

  • Lessons in Common: Getting to the Super Bowl and Investing Success
    by Nicholas Stuller on February 14, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor Long-term investing and getting to the Super Bowl may seem like two completely unrelated subjects, but upon closer examination, there are similarities between the two. Both require discipline, patience, and strategic thinking, […]

  • Should Alternative Investments be in Retirement Accounts?
    by Nicholas Stuller on February 10, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor Retirement accounts are an essential component of many people’s financial plans for securing a comfortable future. The traditional investment options for these accounts, such as stocks and bonds, have proven to be effective […]

  • Is Direct Indexing Mainstream Enough for Retail Investors?
    by Nicholas Stuller on February 9, 2023

    By MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor Direct indexing is a new investment strategy that is gaining popularity among investors who want more control over their portfolios. Direct indexing is different from traditional index investing in that it allows investors to […]