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Brand New World

We have made it – we have gotten through 2020. This year was probably one of the most stressful and challenging for all of us, and perhaps especially for parents. No school, no daycare – then virtual school – and all of this while still working… from home in a lot of instances. Phewww, what a year!

On the plus side, […]

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Quarantine Mommy

I left the house for the second time since we self-quarantined – don’t worry, I didn’t see anyone or touch anything. (And to clarify, when I say that “I left the house,” I mean that I left our property – like went in the car and physically left the property and went out in the “real” world). But when I […]

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Mommying Among Madness

This is a crazy time to be alive, let alone being a parent and dealing with this pandemic. One of the things that comes with being a parent is worrying about your child’s well-being, and when the world has been overtaken with a pandemic, you worry even more.

But I’m not turning this into yet another post about pandemic pandemonium.

Our kids […]

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