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Handcrafting at Its Finest: Ingrained ‘N Wood – Melissa Fournier

Growing up in Stockport, NY, as the second child of four girls, Melissa Fournier spent most of her time outdoors with her sisters riding bikes, swimming, and exploring the woods around their home. Her favorite memories are the summers she spent with her aunts, uncles, and cousins vacationing in an RV and traveling from campground to campground. They swam, cooked hot dogs and hamburgers over campfires, boated on the lakes, and traveled around New York State. 

Crafting is a family affair

Melissa is a self-described […]

Photographer Appreciation Month: Kyle Gillis

Our final installment of Photographer Appreciation Month features Kyle Gillis. Read on to learn more about his photography! 

Your name and type of camera you use / prefer?

Kyle Gillis. I originally started with a point and shoot camera, and then I moved onto a Canon 70D and now, a Canon R5. I’ve also taught myself how to use film cameras, which has been a great addition.

What type of photography do you most often do […]

Finding Symbiosis Between Opposing Forces

“Working between printmaking, ceramic, wood, and textile, Janis Stemmermann employs craft processes in the creation of environments that interrogate links between media – and the fundamental, primal forces that unite them.” –Julia Silverman

I first became familiar with artist, printmaker, and designer Janis Stemmermann’s work when I saw her exhibition, Cut to Length, at Furnace – Art on Paper Archive, in Falls Village, CT. The exhibition included prints, woodwork, vessels and sculptures, often created by juxtaposing natural and man-made mediums: a stump enveloped by a bark-printed […]

Photographer Appreciation Month: Tony Stromberg

Our next installment of Photographer Appreciation Month features Tony Stromberg. Read on to learn more about his photography! 

What type of photography do you most often do or prefer?

For 20 years, I was an advertising photographer based in San Francisco, CA. Somewhere around 2002, I closed my commercial studio and started photographing horses, and only horses. I have had four coffee-table books of my equine photography published and that is currently my specialty. Sure, I photograph other things for pleasure, but my […]

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