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Citizen Artist – Tom Zetterstrom

Meeting photographer Tom Zetterstrom in his Canaan, CT, home is instantly reminiscent of encountering Henry David Thoreau’s explanation for why he established a cabin in the woods overlooking Walden Pond and spent over a year of his life among the maples, pines, and elm. “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach.”

What Zetterstrom has learned from his lengthy sojourns in the woods […]

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Allen Blagden’s career as an internationally celebrated artist is embodied in a story arc that begins, lifts and soars, then settles into a comfortable sense of accomplishment and enduring promise. His talent has been widely celebrated, recognized with awards and – perhaps most importantly – included in private and public collections of great note. And, all of this has led him to create in a place that is no more than a brisk walk from where it all began.

Born into a family of artists, Allen’s […]

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It is an imposing journey – Papua New Guinea to the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. Halfway around the world doesn’t come close to identifying the cultural, language and geographic distances that are inherent in the trip. Yet, as Jane Magon Collection jewelry begins to appear in the collections of local residents, thanks to the efforts of Kara Collins, the enormous distances and differences become an intrinsic part of the uniqueness and charm.

Jane and how it all began

Jane Magon, Australian-born, grew up in Papua New Guinea […]

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