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ArtWall Encourages Big Talk from Falls Village Community

Where do you feel a sense of belonging?⁣
What are some of your hopes for our town and our country?⁣
What is a belief you hold that has changed over time?⁣
What are some of your concerns about the future?⁣
Have you ever felt misunderstood?⁣

Perhaps most importantly, what does it take to feel like you’re a member of a community? These are the questions posed by interviewer Adam Sher, an educator and community organizer who hopes to foster discussion in the town of Falls Village, CT with […]

Furnace Opens with a Burning Desire to Bring Art on Paper to Falls Village

Beginning on May 1, the small town of Falls Village CT, who in the 18th century was central to the early production of iron on the east coast, will return to its fiery roots this time, in the artistic realm. Local artist Kathleen Kucka, whose work has been featured in numerous one-woman and group shows and is widely collected because of her unique method of scorching an abstract design into canvas or paper, will launch Furnace – Art on Paper Archive, a new gallery for […]

An Actor’s Actor – A Cop’s Cop

There’s an intriguing phenomenon that occurs when actor Robert Clohessy walks into a room full of strangers, strolls by shoppers in the local market, stands idly pumping gas into his car or waits on the train platform, ready to board Metro North. Double takes. Whispered “I know that guy…” to those nearby. Or, the self-fulfilling pronouncement–“He’s somebody…”

Of course they know him. He’s an actor with over 140 film, television, and live stage credits listed on his voluminous resume. Every Friday night, he’s Lt. Sid Gormley […]

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