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Take Thee to the Re

How cool is an exhibition of art that is outside at night?

How fantastic to arrive at an old farm at dusk, a sliver of a moon perched in an indigo sky – a tableau wonderful enough in itself to be the experience – the magic of the night just starting to unfold?

How amazing for an artist to transform his land and home into a statement about the precariousness of our times with this inside-out experience?

It’s so cool and so fantastic and so amazing and so […]

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Marvelously Light-Footed

It was one of those moments beyond logic … or control. The title of Alison Larkin’s wonderful, best-selling novel is The English American. At its very mention, in the recesses of the mind, where one’s personal “Spotify” play list lies in wait, the mention of the title evoked the plaintive lyrics of Sting’s An Englishman in New York. Without warning, the song appeared on the imaginary turntable of the memory.

“Modesty, propriety can lead to notoriety…

At night a candle’s brighter than the sun.”

And, now you have […]

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Art Under the Stars: Artist’s Six-Story Waterfall Illuminates the Harlem Valley

Over the course of the next month, residents of the Harlem Valley, will be able to see something glowing steadily in the dark at the Wassaic Project in Amenia, NY. “It could be a shooting star. It could be a waterfall” according to a recent press release. The Wassaic Project is pleased to present All is Not Lost, a site-specific, six-story video projection on the exterior tower of the historic Maxon Mills grain mill, created by California artist Christy Chan. Chan is a Northern California-based […]

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