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The Call of the Wild

There is the realization in exploring the vivid, breathtaking photography of Thomas Blagden, that he is much more than a simple recorder of nature’s most profound and elegant moments. He is part of them. As Jack London declared in his landmark 1903 novel The Call of the Wild  “he was sounding the deeps of his nature, and of the parts of his nature that were deeper than he.”

Tom Blagden’s life – his exceptional career as an artist with a camera – has taken him to […]

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Critically Acclaimed Local Author Phoebe North Adds Strange Creatures to Celebrated Young Adult Collection

Writing from their home in the Hudson Valley, author Phoebe North, graduate of the University of Florida’s MFA program in poetry, gears up for the release of their brand-new young adult fiction novel Strange Creatures in June. North’s latest outing focuses on the characters of Annie, her older brother Jamie and later Vidya – Jamie’s first girlfriend. Annie and Jamie were inseparable for most of their childhood. When life became too much for them, they created their […]

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Rebecca Bloomfield loves to help things grow.

That may seem like an off-beat way of introducing a talented photographer who is gaining local notoriety because of her work on Small Town Big Talk currently on display at the David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village, CT, as well as on the library’s website. It is, however, the truth. Growing on many levels is very much at the heart of Rebecca’s career journey.

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Rebecca and her two sisters enjoyed the intriguing balance […]

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