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The Big Country Sky

Last winter the Dell Eads Reading Room at Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village, CT, got some unexpected visitors. Renowned kinetic sculptor, Tim Prentice and his longtime artistic collaborator, Dave Colbert were looking up at the ceiling of the octagonal shaped room, considering the light. Prentice and Colbert were being shown a potential location for an installation they planned to gift to the school in the spring by Pat Vanicky, the school’s art teacher and fellow Cornwall resident. Vanicky had approached Prentice and […]

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Surrounded by Imagination

There’s a certain inexplicability that comes with properly capturing a moment, scene or feeling. Perhaps that’s why the elusive action is so closely associated with the great artist. To funnel the world as it exists through the imagination, molded there into something that others connect with on a level even they cannot articulate.

That, perhaps, is what the phrase “art taking command” looks like. It’s a mantra which artist Carl Chaiet lives by.

Chaiet was born in Manhattan and raised in Mount Vernon, NY, where he could […]

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Simply Extraordinary

Stephen Green-Armytage offers a most profound perspective on life, his career and the advice he would give to young would-be photographers. “You don’t always know what there is to learn until you learn it.”

That may be a spin on the traditional, “I don’t know what I don’t know…” but the hunger to learn, to experience and to venture into uncharted creative territory has stood Stephen well in his illustrious career.

Born in Bath, England at a time when that celebrated city was, in his words, “sleepy,” […]

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