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Photographer Appreciation Month: Kyle Gillis

By Published On: October 31st, 2023

Our final installment of Photographer Appreciation Month features Kyle Gillis. Read on to learn more about his photography! 

Your name and type of camera you use / prefer?

Kyle Gillis. I originally started with a point and shoot camera, and then I moved onto a Canon 70D and now, a Canon R5. I’ve also taught myself how to use film cameras, which has been a great addition.

What type of photography do you most often do or prefer (subject matter)?

When it comes to pursuing photography strictly as a passion, my two preferred types are lifestyle and landscape photography. In addition, I do portrait and event photography for hire. 

How did you get into photography?

I’ve just always been drawn to it since I was young and that passion has grown over the years into a side job and hobby.

What’s your most favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why?

My favorite is a black and white shot of the Queensboro Bridge from Roosevelt Island at sundown. I was very proud of how well it came out, and I was happy how it came out for two reasons: 1) Low light situations present an added challenge 2) In using my Canon film camera, I didn’t have the luxury of seeing how the photo turned out after each shot as you would with a digital camera. 

What inspires you and your photography?

My hope when I’m taking my shots is to have it displayed in someone’s house for their family and friends to enjoy and discuss.

What is your background – did you study photography or are you self-taught?

No, I’m what you’d call a student of YouTube. In the beginning, I used my camera on automatic settings until I got my Canon DSLR. On this camera and my Canon AE-1 (a film camera) I used YouTube and trial and error to teach myself.

What is your process?

I assess the location and time of day I’ll be shooting. Next, with this in mind, I’ll get myself in the best possible position to achieve the perfect picture. 

Do you use Photoshop or other software or are your photos more natural?

My digital photos are edited using Adobe Lightroom, but I try to shoot the picture in a way where very little editing is needed. As for my film shots, these are more difficult to edit, so they need to be shot perfectly with no feedback during your shoot.

How has technology impacted your artistry and photos?

Technology makes photography much cheaper. Modern digital cameras save you money on film and developing that is necessary in film photography. Having said that, I love film photography and the extra price needed to buy film and develop is easily worth it.

Where do you photograph – your most common locations – do you have a favorite place to photograph either as a subject matter or as a background?

Aside from hiking atop various high points or exploring the countryside for a perfect landscape shot, I love to also shoot in an urban or industrial type setting. 

How do you market yourself – do you have a website or social media that you use to promote your photography?

I have an Instagram @purequalitysnaps and website www.purequalitysnaps.com

How do people find you and your photos – do you sell your photos or are you more “to hire” / commission-based?

As of now, I’m for hire doing family shoots or one-on-one photoshoots. 

Have you (your photos) won any awards ?

Not yet, but I’m hoping to soon!