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Business- Starting or Expanding?


The fabric and backbone of America are its small businesses, and lucky for us, we have an abundance of them in our area. It’s the American dream after all. But when it comes to starting and or expanding a business, the devil is in the details. It is the minutia that can become cumbersome, and […]

To All Small Business Entrepreneurs Free Help has Arrived


By Lauren M. Trager, SCORE Volunteer

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, particularly for business owners. Many businesses can no longer conduct business the way they used to before COVID-19 and are finding they need to reinvent themselves or sharpen their entrepreneurial skills in order to survive but lack the knowledge or wherewithal to do […]

Website Design


Have you ever gone to a website and you simply can’t find what you’re looking for? Or as soon as you get to a website’s landing page you get super irritated because of the pop-ups that keep interrupting you? (Ugh, I hate those!) Or how about when you’re navigating through a website and you quickly […]

The Liabilities of College Life


College students are going back to school both local and afar … what are the inherent liabilities that you should look out for? The first issue is what happens to your children’s belongings when they are away at school in a dorm or in an apartment setting?

All parents’ homeowners’ policies will afford coverage for both […]

5 Tips to Voluminous Hair


Tip 1: Volume comes from the roots of your hair. The root dictates the direction in which the hair flows. When you think of direction, don’t just think left and right; think up and down.

Tip 2: Shampoo and conditioner – volume shampoo won’t weigh down your hair, and some of you may be able to […]

Starting Your Path to Fitness


Many of us may find ourselves looking in the mirror wanting to get fitter, healthier, and happier. These are great goals to strive towards, but is too much fitness a bad thing?

Starting a new fitness and health routine can seem daunting during these times, especially for those that have “been here before” and are looking […]

Farmhouse Holiday Decorating Tips


1. Use a simple color scheme. I like to stick with green, off-white, and red. Removing the red after the holiday can move you straight into winter without having to take down all your decorations.

2. Work in antiques or family heirlooms to add your own personal touch. Vintage toy trucks or antique glass ornaments gathered […]



It’s that time of year again, the leaves are almost down, Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas will be here before you know it, and so will winter! Now is the time to start thinking about preparing for the winter months. In the Northeast most people seem to either love or hate the snow, but […]

Insuring Your World


Two interesting insurance issues came to me this past month that I thought worthy of sharing with you. The first relates to those folks renting their homes through an Air B&B service. We recently had a client that had informed my office of his rental intentions and we added the appropriate endorsements to his homeowner’s […]

The Importance of a Website


As any business-owner knows, in today’s day and age, a website is a necessity – no matter how large or small your business. One of the main and simple reasons is that it seems that just about everyone Googles everything now-a-days, or if they are looking to purchase a product or service, they’ll do their […]

Hanging a Gallery Wall


A popular design trend today is hanging artwork in a salon-style gallery wall. Here are a few simple tips for tackling this job. First don’t stress about making it perfect, the design is about your style rather than perfection. Design ideas range from combining multiple frame styles, while others might prefer the simplicity of a […]



My husband and I were on Martha’s Vineyard some months ago visiting friends and enjoying that very special island. One of the stops we like to make when we’re there is at the Granary Gallery where our good friend Dan Murray exhibits some of his incredible sculptures in the company of works by Margaret Bourke-White, […]

Insuring your world


Art can be a fickle property to insure from many standpoints. All homeowners’ policies either limit certain types of property such as collectibles, guns, silverware, jewelry, and furs to maximum dollar limits, which generally do not exceed $2500. Artwork such as paintings, sculptures, rare photos, and manuscripts are never covered for their appraised value unless […]

DIY Fall Home Decor


4 Helpful tips to spruce up your home’s Fall Feeling from Merwin Farm and Home

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before, the Holidays can be a stressful time of year. In between accommodating friends and family, preparing a Thanksgiving dinner with a little something for everyone, and planning a holiday to remember, if you’re […]

Historic Homes


Historic homes epitomize the charm of our Tri-state region. Substantial construction that has withheld the test of time and nostalgic quirk that invites a gathering place – often sited in idyllic locations when vacant land was easier to come by. The rural roots of our Litchfield Hills are decorated with antique homes that help to […]

Structure From a Historical Perspective


Generally speaking, older homes were constructed differently than the more modern houses we see today. Of course in the modern age we have significantly more efficient tools like nails and screws that professionals and hobbyists alike use as mechanical fasteners. In the past, builders of all kinds used mortise and tenon joints and wooden pegs […]

Antique vs. Modern vs. Vintage


Everything exists within a historical timeline including the furnishings in your home. Is that chest of drawers you inherited from your grandma an antique? Is the 1960s Danish dining table your parents lovingly cared for that now sits in your home modern? How about the pair of lamps you purchased at the local thrift shop […]

Why Insurance is a “Thing”


Ever wonder about the history of insurance and how long this amazing industry has been around? The first organized company was formed in London, England, by Edward Lloyd in 1686 under the name Society of Lloyd’s, or as we know it today, Lloyd’s of London. Initially conceived by shipowners in the London tea rooms who […]



This column is devoted to some “Quick Hit Thoughts” regarding potential coverage issues that most folks are not aware of until they have a loss and are told they have no coverage. Uber or Lyft drivers are NOT covered by their respective personal auto policies while transporting riders. Homeowners that use their detached barns or […]



Sometimes we neglect our gutters. It’s understandable, they are manufactured for the very purpose of blending in with our homes and being easily unnoticed, it’s part of their function. However, our gutters play a vital role in protecting the integrity of our homes by diverting rain and other types of water run-off. By directing the […]



A cavity first forms when bacteria demineralize enamel, the outer aspect and hardest part of the tooth surface. When bacteria are allowed to sit on teeth, a plaque biofilm forms. Most of the bacteria are naturally occurring throughout our mouths, but are given an opportunity to thrive upon consuming food and drinks that contain sugar. […]



History is full of trends and cycles especially when it comes to architecture and home aesthetics. Ever since the construction of the Roman Coliseum in antiquity, stones have been used to emphasize the power of the natural world in architecture. Today, the use of stone veneer is coming back in style around the Hudson Valley. […]

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