1. Use a simple color scheme. I like to stick with green, off-white, and red. Removing the red after the holiday can move you straight into winter without having to take down all your decorations.

2. Work in antiques or family heirlooms to add your own personal touch. Vintage toy trucks or antique glass ornaments gathered in a bowl look great, but also hold so much meaning. Or how about decorating the entryway with wooden skis, snowshoes, or your parent’s childhood sled instead of a wreath?

3. Use a signature touch to tie everything together without making it too matchy. Your common denominator could be a favorite ribbon or farmhouse fabric used in various ways. Red and white ticking fabric or burlap are always my go-to for a cohesive holiday look.

4. Bring the outside in! Using lots of mixed greens will add such a rich and natural touch. Mantels, garlands, bowls: the more places you can add fresh greenery the better! Go into the woods and forage some red willow twigs, berries, and pine cones to add an even more natural feeling to your décor.

5. Never be afraid to DIY something. Handmade gifts and décor are the best! Whether it’s a natural wreath or a unique advent calendar, thoughtful handmade items are forever my favorite.

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