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Our director of advertising Ashley Kristjansson is a self proclaimed crazy cat lady … with only one cat. Luckily for Ashley, and now the entire world, that one feline is a world class nap taker, the gold standard of grumpiness, and God’s gift to Instagram. Everyday, tens of hundreds of people are inspired by the one and only Otis Joe to cuddle, mooch, and snack on turkey deli meat to their heart’s content. Otis is a soon to be ten year old house kitty, his lineage is unknown-like most comic book heroes-but mom Ashley believes he is part Turkish Van, perhaps explaining his love for the aforementioned sandwich meat. “I love him as though he were my furrrst born, I am his familiar if you will, unfortunately, my husband is his favorite person-reluctantly I might add-but I will continue to fight for his undying love and attention.” His life has been full of ups and downs, from his early experiences with the outside world to the comfort of his cat stroller, as well as his long battle with “cat acne” Otis has etched his name into the annuals of cat history. Now, for the first time ever, the legendarily lazy feline will allow our cameras into his everyday life. Main Street Magazine and its readers have been granted one of a kind access to the King of Catnaps and all of his furbaby adventures, won’t you join us? What do you say Otis?

[All cat puns are not my intellectual property and are the sole responsibility of my mother who refuses to let twenty four hours go by without using one. -Otis Joe]


Valentine’s Day

I can feel love in the air (or maybe it’s just my dander); Valentine’s Day is coming this Furrriday. Being a single feline myself, a bachelor if you will, I understand how important it can be to feel loved – even in the smallest ways. A new mousey toy to swat around, a little scratch behind the ears, even cleaning my eye-boogers on occasion, all of these little acts of kindness add up to one big house love. Of course, it is my mother who […]

February 12th, 2020|The OTIS Feed|

The Big Game

As I understand it, you humans enjoy gathering around your televisions and watching men twice the size of my father (and with twice the amount of hair) run into each other with silky pants in the pursuit of something made out of pigskin. This display of barbarism is not what you might call my can of tuna. Instead, this past Sunday my mother woke me from my afternoon nap so that I might enjoy some real competition… The Kitten Bowl. Each year, these furry warriors […]

February 5th, 2020|The OTIS Feed|

Hairball Blues Part II

I hope you all will purrdon me furr my absence last week, my family came down with yet another case of the hairballs. Is there a vaccine available that will fight off the scourge of hairball viruses that will not leave my family alone?! Nevertheless we have purrservered despite the cold temperatures and snow flurries leaving a lack of birds for me to chatter at. The upside to all this quite frankly is the increase in the amount of downtime we all have enjoyed at […]

January 22nd, 2020|The OTIS Feed|

New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the Pawlidays are behind us and I begin my second decade, (how many cat years in a decade?) sorry my conception of time is a bit off being a cat and everything. Anyway, I have resolved to make a few impurrovements this year that will keep me feline good. Apart from increasing the volume of turkey as well as the density of my cat-naps, it’s high-time I officially become furriends with my kid sister. Recently she has developed a habit of trying to […]

January 8th, 2020|The OTIS Feed|