Becoming A Purrfessional

This might come as surpurrise to some of you; but I feel like it’s time to finally come clean and tell the truth now that we’re 146 posts in. I’m not really a writer, nor do claim to be or think this would be the purrfect purrofession fur me. In between catnaps recently, I’ve been […]

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Bad Timing

Hopefully I’m not interrupting you right meow, but to err on the side of caution, I’ll make this post short and sweet.

You know when you’re out to eat and you’ve just taken a bite of your delicious meal when all of a sudden the waiter comes over to ask how everything is.

Talk about bad timing, right?

All […]

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Sun Bummin’

Memorial Day seems to be the unofficial kick-off to summer and when the fashion police lift the unwritten laws on being able to wear white again. Such a weird rule if you ask me. I wear white all year round and no one evfurr says anything about my attire. But as my Mom has always […]

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Misheard Lyrics

As I’ve mentioned purreviously – Mom’s furrst love was music. Regardless if there is actually music playing or not, she’s a singing machine. Not to sound bias, but Mom’s singing voice is American Idol worthy. In fact, I’m purretty sure I inherited my beautiful singing voice (aka purring) furrom her. Mom and I have a […]

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Sour Then Sweet

Evfurryone is entitled to their feelings, right? At least thats what Nana has always said. To put it into purrospective fur you humans, I tend to be like those Sour Patch candies at times. Furrst I’m sour, then I’m sweet. But allow me explain the reasoning behind my most recent cattitude.

Did you guys see the […]

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Fur rather obvious reasons, I nevfurr went to public school; I was home-schooled. That’s not to say I didn’t receive the propurr education. Although the only thing I didn’t learn in my academic career was becoming a big brother – good thing that came naturally to me. It’s mind boggling that four years ago I […]

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Purrivacy Please!

Why is it that humans request, purractically demand, purrivacy when using the facilities? Even Ellie, at the age of three, now requires the door be closed when using the little girls room. (Fun fact Ellie; all purrincesses sit on a throne!)

Purrhaps I was wrong in assuming bathroom breaks were purrime time to catch up on […]

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A New Breed of Shark

Baby sharks, Mommy sharks, Daddy sharks – that’s the extent of my knowledge on sharks (thanks to Ellie). So when Mom announced with excitement her Shark had arrived, I had no idea what to expect, but it is in my cat DNA to be curious.

I sat and watched as Mom carefully opened a box to […]

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Easter Review

Top of the afternoon to ya! (Sorry, my Mom’s ridiculous fake British accent is contagious!) I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I tried staying awake to catch a glimpse of the rabbit, but as the saying goes, he was ‘quick like a bunny!’ Better luck next year I guess.

The Easter Bunny outdid himself […]

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