My Jam

I’m not sure if any of you dear readers know this, but my Mom LOVES to sing; almost as much as she loves me. She’s constantly singing and is actually really good at it. The only critique I have is how loud she likes her music; purrhaps that’s a story fur another day.

Occasionally, Mom makes […]

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Turkey Day

Halloween is only a couple weeks away and I have yet to nail down a fur-sure costume, but I can’t be worrying about that right meow – I have bigger fish to fry. I can’t believe my ears but, appurrently, Mom and Dad are hosting Turkey Day…at our house!

Please feel furree to correct me if […]

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All Kinds Of Bugs

Mom was right – school is back in session, which means evfurryone is apt to get a bug of some sort. Mom took Ellie to the doctors yesterday just to be on the safe side because when someone is feeling even just a little under the weather, sneezes sideways, or coughs because a piece of […]

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Instagram vs. Reality

Rainbows and butterflies sure are beautiful, but life isn’t purrfect. I often times find myself scratching behind my ears, not just because of an itch, but because I wonder why evfurryone feels the need to post only purrfect photos on their social media? Mom is no exception to this annoying, unwritten rule. 

I […]

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Stickin’ Around

I don’t have a southern accent, but I feel obligated to say this; Happy furrst day of fall, ya’ll!

I was really hoping summer would stick around just a little bit longer. You might not know this about me, but despite being a pampurred indoor kitty, deep down I’m a big nature guy. Aside furrom watching […]

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Food Fest

I’ll keep it short and sweet this week.

I’ve seen a few purrmotional pieces on the 1st annual Millerton Food Fest happening this Saturday, September 18th. Mom, Dad, and Ellie are going to eat to their hearts’ content, that’s fur sure!

I think Mom wants to take Ellie to a corn maze too. That sure does sounds […]

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Too Cool Fur School

Furrom what I gather, school is back in session fur many kiddos. Lucky fur me, I’m too cool fur school. Plus; I doubt reading, writing, and arithmetic would be my strong suits. And as we all know, my strength is cat napping. On the other paw, if I were to go to school this year, […]

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So Long Summer

Purrdon me fur giving you the stink eye, but are you kitten me right meow? I can’t not believe we are bidding farewell to summer. I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about this. I’m certainly going to miss basking in the windowsill sun but, then again, my summer bod was nevfurr […]

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Finally, Feline Fine!

Well furriends, I’ve lived to tell about my visit to the vet…by the skin of my teef!

Mom and Dad waited as long as possible to feed me dinner Sunday night because I was required to fast prior to my procedure on Monday morning. I must admit, I really wanted my 4AM breakfast, but held it […]

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Do I look diffurrent to you? Because I should. I’m 12 now!

I had a purretty low-key purrthday. I was even home alone while Dad and Ellie had a Daddy daughter day and Mom went out shopping fur the purrfect present for me. I’m shocked I didn’t receive something furrom Amazon. I was really hoping fur […]

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