Swim Lessons

Hi furriends. Hope you’re staying cool! Furrom what I hear it’s been supurr hot out there. TGFBAIK! (That stands fur, “thank goodness fur being an indoor kitty!”) Mom has kept the house at a comfurrtable 73 degrees around the clock with the help of the A/C’s and keeping the shades drawn. She’s also been […]

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Dearest Gentle Reader

Dearest gentle reader. Oh my goodness, purrdon me! I’ve been binge watching too much Bridgerton with Mom recently…evfurry episode starts out that way. What I meant to say is, how’ve you all been? Let’s bring each other up to speed.

My flabbers are gasted, AKA I’m flabbergasted that June is already more than halfway […]

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Going to War

Whelp furriends, it’s time to batten down the hatches, slick back your fur, and put on your helmets because we are going to war…against the spongy moth caterpillars. I had no idea they were going to be this bad this year. Consequently, I wasn’t nearly as purrpared as I should have been, so I […]

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Emotional Support Animal

This last month has not been easy fur Mom in purrticular. Her paternal grandfather passed away recently, and although Mom is purretty good when it comes to hiding her emotions, I’ve seen her breakdown more than I’d like to admit lately. Although this is completely understandable, I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. So […]

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My Paw Hurts

At furrst, I thought my right furront paw hurt furrom either catnapping on it fur too long or jumping off the bed wrong, but it turns out it was furrom signing so many autographs of Main Street Magazine. Not to worry, limping fur a couple days was totally worth it after receiving so many […]

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The Update … The Covfurr

Purrdon me fur being a week late on my monthly post. February has not been nice to my family. If Ellie hasn’t been sick, then Mom has been. And if Mom hasn’t been sick, then Ellie has. Fevers, coughing, chills, pink eye, ear infections, the flu…what symptom or condition haven’t we had? But as […]

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Happy New Year

While purreparing to write this post, I realized I haven’t spoken to you all since last year! How are you all doing? Hopefully your year is off to a good start. Mine is purretty good thus far (but even if it wasn’t, no one would understand me because they aren’t fluent in meowing.) Anywho, […]

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New Year, BIG Changes!

Hi furriends! How was your Christmas? Santa Paws really outdid himself this year. I got a new catnip kicker, pawty-mix treats, a Fancy Feast Broth, and a new brush! I guess Mom isn’t kitten when she tells me I’m a good man. Speaking of Santa Paws though, after all these years, I was finally […]

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My Gift to Mom

Instead of going to the store or ordering something online, I thought I would get a little creative this year, get my paws a little dirty, and make something furrom the heart. Purrsonally, I think I’m giving Mom the gift under the tree – sorry Santa Paws! Now that it’s finally dry, I wanted […]

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Bring on Santa Paws

Well folks, good news: Santa Paws will have a beautiful Christmas tree to see on Christmas Eve! Mom strung a new set of lights and the plan is to get a new tree next year. Phew, that was a close one.

The next order of business is making sure the family’s gifts are […]

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