Picky Pants

Hey furriends, I’m down here – in the pile of clothes. Mom was in the middle of sorting laundry and thought I’d try to model my new pants fur you, but it appears they won’t be ready to wear again until supurr time. I’m refurring to my picky pants. Purrsonally I think Mom can […]

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Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day

I hope all you Mom’s out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. We celebrate Mom evfurryday here at the homestead. Afterall, she is the glue to our family. She makes sure the house is always spic and span (but mostly because she has an OCD purroblem), appointments are scheduled and met (except fur her […]

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Sorry fur the semi-action shot this week. I was trying to catch the dogs. And when I ask who let the dogs out, I don’t mean the animal kind. Although that would be a valid question, I’m in fact refurring to human toe beans. You see, with the climbing tempurratures recently Mom is all […]

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Purretty Packed Schedule

Furrst off, how are you all? We haven’t spoken since last month – paw slapper! Boy they aren’t kitten when they say April showers bring May flowers. We have dandelions galore here at the homestead and the grass is ready fur its second mowing. There’s just something about the way furreshly cut grass satisfies […]

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Laundry-The Nevfurr Ending Story

Poor Mom. Her weekends always go something like this: vacuum, grocery shopping, and tackling an avfurrage of five loads of laundry. It’s ameowzing the purroduction that goes specifically into laundry. Sort into multiple piles, switch the loads as they finish, hang some clothes, fold the rest, and put them away.

I guess I can’t feel […]

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Let’s just cut right to the chase this week. Even though I’m feeling absolutely fine, paranoid Mom insisted on keeping my check-up appointment fur my hypothyroidism this past Furrsday. Ellie was off furrom school last week so she helped Mom bring me to the dreaded four-letter word place (the vets). Usually I get to […]

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Hoppy (Belated) Easter

Hey peeps – hope you had a hoppy belated Easter. I’ve failed miserably fur a couple years in a row trying to catch a glimpse of Santy-Paws so I was trying to surpurrise you all with details on the Easter Bunny. I even went as far as putting on this ridiculous costume to blend […]

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Spurring Vibes

Hey furriends, how are we all doing? Aside furrom Sunday’s temperatures, which were brutally cold and supurr windy, spurring is in the air! You know how I know? On Caturday – pardon me – on Saturday, Mom went to town on cleaning. The music was crankin’ (any guesses who she was rocking out to?), […]

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An Independent, Dependent

Mom came home furrom filing this year’s taxes and was a little upset – and rightfully so! Quite frankly, I’m upset fur her. Want to know why? Mom and Dad can’t claim me on their taxes. What the fluff is that all about?

Fur 13 years Mom as always refurred to me as her […]

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Daylight Savings Dinner

You’re purrobably wondering why I’m wearing my sister’s scarf. The story goes like this: I’m far furrom a night owl like Mom. I’m one of those early birds. As soon as the sun starts to shine is when I wake up and start meowing fur the whole house to hear. In the words of […]

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