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My Paw Hurts

By Published On: March 20th, 2024

At furrst, I thought my right furront paw hurt furrom either catnapping on it fur too long or jumping off the bed wrong, but it turns out it was furrom signing so many autographs of Main Street Magazine. Not to worry, limping fur a couple days was totally worth it after receiving so many compliments and some fan mail, too. You sure know how to make an indoor kitty feel special. Paws crossed you were able to snag a copy! By the way Aunt Thorunn, if you want me on the covfurr evfurry month I wouldn’t mind. And I’m purretty sure your readers wouldn’t mind either. All in favfurr, raise your paws.

Boy, Mom really took the wind out of my sail when she took me to the vet recently. Even though Mom gives me the play by play if we are about to take a turn and to “hang on tight”, or that “we’re almost there Otis Joe”,  or  “Mommy’s right here handsome pants”, the car ride is always so terrifying fur me. Once we arrived, the paparazzi was there. Evfurry one was raving about how handsome I am and how they saw me on the covfurr at their hair salon appointment. Nurses were peeking in the window in awe of my good looks and reminiscing of how they ‘knew me when’. Doc couldn’t be more proud to brag that one of her patients is on the covfurr of a magazine. Since we’re on the subject of my doctor’s appointment I might as well fill you in. My yearly checkup went well and I received a clean bill of health. My routine blood work for my hyperthyroidism came back beautifully, so I’m in the clear for another six months.

To finish my March recap; thank you sweet baby turkey Gods fur Daylight savings. I loved gaining an extra hour of catnapping! Ellie lost another tooth, so the Tooth Fairy came. I purrsonally didn’t see her, but I imagine her to be a life size Tinkerbell only with a cotton candy pink ballgown instead of a short green dress. Speaking of green, St. Patty’s day was just another day fur me…with the exception of Mom purretending I was Irish so she had an excuse to smother me in kisses. Not sure how that’s different furrom any other day though?

Wishing you a hoppy Easter and I’ll see you next month.