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Let’s Talk about Savona’s: When Taste Exceeds Expectations

As not only a writer here at Main Street Magazine, but also a proud deliverer of this esteemed publication, I find myself traveling the Hudson Valley each month leaving stacks of the latest issue here and there. Inevitably, while I’m poking in and out of the various towns and villages of Columbia and Dutchess County, I find myself scouting and rubber-necking each eatery that happens to catch my eye. Given the gap between myself and foodie hall-of-famers like Jonathan Gold, my laws of […]

Julien’s: Pizza (& Sushi) for the People

I had the mouth-watering pleasure of having Julien’s of Millbrook, NY, appear on my Instagram feed some months ago. Since then I’ve had it on my must-do-list to stop by and try their offerings. Their Instagram feed (and website images for that matter) looks deee-licious! But before we get into that, let me start by stating the obvious: pizza… and sushi? That’s just a seemingly random pairing. Isn’t it?

Well, apparently not!

Last Friday afternoon they popped up on my Instagram feed with something so delicious-looking that […]

Jackson’s: The finest BBQ in the Hudson Valley?

There’s a new BBQ joint in the Hudson Valley. Claverack, NY, to be more precise. For those of us who grew up with the Eskimo Bar at the intersection of Route 23 and 9H, the day that the Eskimo Bar closed down was a sad one. It was to my great surprise that I learned just last week that it is under new ownership – it has been brought back to life as a BBQ spot – WITH ice cream. They call themselves Jackson’s, BBQ, […]

We be jammin’ at the Jam Food Shop

We here at Main Street have known the fine folks over at Jam Food Shop in Sharon, CT, for a number of years now and we certainly have our favorite dishes there. Although Jam is located within the Sharon Market, Jam is its own experience!

For those of you who are familiar with Jam, you might know it as the place to pick up a sandwich (whether it be a breakfast or lunch sandwich), some great sides, or their grab-n-go meals. The Sharon Market does have […]

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