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Regina Molaro is a freelance editor whose work has been featured in more than 20 publications, including Bespoke Magazine (St. Regis NYC); In Season (Mandarin Oriental, New York); City Guide New York, Modern Luxury Hawaii, Adweek, and beyond. In addition to writing for several lifestyle magazines in New York and New Jersey, she has written copy for websites and catalogues. Prior to enjoying a freelance career, Regina covered the art, fashion, beauty, home decor, food, and brands categories at several business publications, including Accent, Global Cosmetic Industry, Soap & Cosmetics, and License. Through a commission, she wrote a textbook chapter on fashion licensing for Pearson Education.

Driving into Summer

Summer is the ideal time for drive-in movies. After recapping the history of the drive-in movie, Main Street shares news on a local spot in Amenia that offers films, food, and so much more. There are lots of other movie nights in the Hudson Valley region, so […]

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Going Organic

Organic practices are better for us, and they’re also a safer alternative for the environment. Here’s some information for a crash course on the organic industry. 

Within the last few decades, we have been hearing more and more about organic farming. Compared with conventional agriculture, organic farming uses fewer pesticides, reduces soil erosion, decreases nitrate leaching […]

By |2023-04-05T19:11:42-04:00April 5th, 2023|Farm Feature|

US Farm Bill Update & Scenic Hudson

Congress is getting ready to shape the 2023 Farm Bill.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the agriculture industry’s hot topics. 

The 2023 Farm Bill supports family farms through conserving natural resources and promoting the agricultural economy. Approximately every five years, America’s farm-related businesses are affected by […]

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The Name Game

For this special tenth anniversary issue, Main Street Magazine uncovered the interesting history behind some of our local towns and how they were granted their names – and this is just a tiny sampling!

As we go about our daily lives – going to work, shopping, attending cultural events, and gathering with friends – we often […]

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Through the Years

As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we invite you to glance back at the last decade. While we’re looking at where we’ve been, let’s also take time to look ahead with optimism for what’s to come. 

A decade is a long time. Think about all of the […]

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The Language of Flowers

Sue Adams, Vice President of Adams Greenhouses is hosting a lecture and flower reading on February 11 at the Locust Grove Estate.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and it’s an ideal time to have some fun with flowers. While some people enjoy getting readings via tea leaves or tarot cards, Sue […]

By |2023-01-27T12:50:20-05:00January 27th, 2023|Main Streets Presents, WOTS|

Valentine’s Violets

Support Locust Grove by shopping its African Violet fundraiser sale, which is being held through February 3

Embrace local history and send a gesture of love to that special someone while supporting Locust Grove—a National Historic Landmark estate located in Poughkeepsie.

The 200-acre park-like estate, which overlooks the Hudson River, includes homes, a carriage […]

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Living in the Real World

Artist John Morra arrived in the Hudson Valley about two decades ago with two pugs in tow. He soon took up residence and set up a studio in an old church in Stuyvesant where he currently lives with his wife Isabelle Bosquet-Morra – a floral designer who initially hails from France.

Knowledge and experience are sources […]

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Foreign Concepts

The holidays are behind us. We spent our time gathering with loved ones, sharing meals, exchanging gifts, baking and gifting cookies, and indulging in all the feel-good festivities that make the season bright. As we approach the rest of the winter season, we can continue to create […]

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Aging and Attitude

After celebrating the New Year (and for most of us, when we celebrate another birthday), we become even more conscious of time and how quickly it’s slipping away. In my opinion, there’s no point in lamenting about aging. There’s nothing we can do to stop time from ticking on. Rather than focusing on all the […]

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