Talking Wilderness Therapy with Ed Thorney

Ed Thorney has an affinity for the woods; as he says: “I’ve always wanted to be outside.” 

Ed is a certified Gestalt therapist, wilderness guide, experiential educator, and life-long advocate for people and nature. He has worked in the outdoor education field since 1982 in various capacities and founded Wilderness Therapy & Mentoring to blend […]

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Mystery Business – Dutchess Millwork

Inspired by the popularity of our series on “mystery houses,” Main Street decided to extend the category to mystery businesses whose products, customers, and purposes elude our attention. Dutchess Millwork, in existence for almost 50 years, is our first mystery business and, as with so many mystery houses, change is coming. 

What’s in that building […]

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Erica Weiner’s website clearly states “the weirder the better” when describing its antique jewelry from the twelfth through the twentieth century. Weird? Maybe. Beautiful? Most certainly! We were able to catch up with Erica to learn about her company’s origin story and the development of its jewelry designs and business. 

How did you and your […]

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{pretty to think so} – a fine farm-to-table restaurant in Rhinebeck, NY, may seem like a new venture, but there’s a lot of history behind the eatery, which opened in May 2023.

The restaurant’s inception was an act of “pure serendipity.” Like a good book, the {pretty to think so} story began unfolding years ago when […]

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For this month’s health issue, Main Street has its eyes on vision care and those “O” professionals who provide a wide range of eye-care services. In our region there is a choice between medical doctors, independent optometrists, corporate-owned retailers staffed by optometrists, and independent and retail chain opticians.  

Which kind of O do you […]

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A Passage to India – John Robshaw, Textile Designer

The elephant on John Robshaw Textiles’ sign in front of the moody, gray house in Falls Village, CT, subtly suggests what awaits the visitor to the shop. Inside are the Indian-inspired block-print textiles that have created John Robshaw’s international design reputation – pillows, duvets, blankets, and sheets of cavorting elephants, tropical blossoms, trees, and south […]

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Victoria (Torrie) and Doug Larson arrived in Stanford, NY, seeking more space 15 years ago and created an extra rural life for their family and businesses. I first met Doug Larson, an architect, when he assisted the North East Community Center in obtaining a $500,000 grant to expand its program space in Millerton, NY. Since […]

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