Beauty, Community and Fun

The backbone of our communities is that of small businesses: the often more visible brick-and-mortar as well as the service sector and specialty businesses, and everything in between. These businesses are run- and staffed by hardworking people who are devoted to their respective communities and the people who live and work in them. This month […]

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The Elephants Tusk

With the holiday season in full force, everyone is busy with the hustle and bustle as well as finding just the right gift(s) for our friends and loved ones. For those looking to shop and support local when finding that unique gift for that special someone, or maybe you’re looking for a piece of furniture […]

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Since the magazine’s inception almost ten years ago, we have (almost without fail) featured a local business each month to give a glimpse into the ins and outs of that business. These entrepreneurs have been kind enough to share their words of wisdom, business inspirations and drive, as well as their challenges and what they’ve […]

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All That Java

When coffee beans are picked from the stems of plants and removed from their protective coverings, they are green, tasting something like grass if they have any taste at all, and fibrous. The two species that dominate the coffee market, Arabica (coffea arabica) and Robusta (coffea canephora) did not rise to the top in their […]

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Scottish Spirits

Several years ago, Main Street featured John Dyson and Millbrook Vineyards and Winery which Dyson and his wife started in 1979. Now he has created a new business with his daughter and son-in law – Tenmile Distillery in Wassaic, NY, and once again converted dairy acreage into a destination. It was time to talk again […]

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A Blooming Business

The foundation of our local communities are its residents and businesses. We here at Main Street love nothing more than spreading their stories and the mantra of local as well as supporting local. With that in mind, we were excited to have a chance to learn more about Amanda Zick and Margaret (Greta) Anderson of […]

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Moving Heaven

Moving is stressful. Upheaval, resurfacing of possessions that trigger memories, deciding what to keep, toss, and donate, guesstimating where the furniture will fit, and finding a mover all contribute to the angst. Even local moves in the same town stir up conflicting emotions and create drama. A recent local move brought all these issues and […]

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The Heart of Cycling Returns

The notion of combining tradition with passion is baked into the spirit of the Hudson Valley. The open air, along with the history of our area have made it one of the most attractive destinations in the state. When folks come, they cannot help but linger, and when they linger for long enough, they have […]

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A Building Not Set in Stone

The past few years have proved to be a time like no other for everyone around the globe – and businesses were effected in every which way, too. There were many businesses that struggled due to Covid, while others flourished. This can be said on a global scale and certainly at a local scale, as […]

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A Lifestyle Fusion

The concept of what “home” means to people might be the most broadly defined word in modern language. Mostly because the idea of a home is so intrinsically tied to other core human values – family, personality, even morality. For interior designer Abigail Horace, owner of Casa Marcelo, throw in a bit of chaos and […]

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