Dog Whisperer

Lee Sohl has been looking after animals in the Litchfield Hills for thirty years. For Main Street’s annual animal issue we wanted to find out what Animal Control Officers do and learn about the rewards and challenges of the position.

How would you describe your job?

Officially I respond to citizens’ concerns regarding problems with all domestic animals. […]

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A Quiet Partner

Many of the stories in Main Street’s February issue relate to families and our greater shared community. The Foundation for Community Health (FCH), located in Sharon Valley, is a not-for-profit foundation that supports many rural health-related initiatives behind the scenes providing grant money and expertise to health and social service non-profits in both New York, […]

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The Reformer

Main Street in Millerton, NY, is home to numerous small, independent businesses, many of them owned and run by women – from Carol Sadlon at The Moviehouse to Joanne Scasso at Country Gardeners Florist. We selected Masha Loucks, who trained as a ballerina in Moscow, Russia, as the subject for Main Street’s wellness issue, and […]

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What a Deal

Main Street Magazine’s monthly business column is usually an interview with an entrepreneur or the executive director of a regional not-for-profit. December’s subject, just in time for Christmas shopping, is a conversation with the staff, volunteers, and customers of a thriving not-for-profit thrift store that has always operated as a meeting place and service to […]

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Too Much Great Stuff?

This month’s entrepreneur feature shares the business story of William Morrison of Morrison Art Storage, which is based in Kent, CT. Morrison’s business is obviously the perfect feature for this month’s theme of “Art & Design,” but beyond that, the business of art storage is quite unique and interesting – and talk about a niche […]

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The idea for this entrepreneur story began in 2011 with an article in the New York Times about the modern, prefabricated house next to a cow barn designed by Pilar Proffitt and Robert Bristow in Lakeville, CT (see image on next page). I bought a ticket to attend a Halloween party there just to see […]

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Milk Like it Used to Taste

Have you ever wondered how the partners of Manolo Blahnik’s American shoe business, popularized on the TV show “Sex and the City,” started a farm in Litchfield, CT, producing dairy products available through out New England? George Malkemus made time to talk to Main Street Magazine from his office in New York and then from […]

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Return Of Saperstein’s

Westerlind had been open only a few days when the eponymous owner and designer, Andrea Westerlind, talked to Main Street Magazine in the retail space that was formerly Saperstein’s at the corner of Dutchess Avenue and Main Street in Millerton, NY. It was a rainy, Friday afternoon and masked shoppers dropped in to look at […]

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Horse Transport

When you drive towards the rail trail parking in Amenia, NY, you can’t help but notice the Judge Manning horse trailers parked on Mechanic Street. I have always wondered where the horses were coming from or going to. Judge Manning, who founded the business in 1978, shared the history of his 42-year-old business and the […]

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Forester to Arborist

How did your appreciation for nature begin?
I grew up hunting and fishing in the woods in central Pennsylvania. As an Explorer Scout I planted white pine seedlings – sixty years later they are a 60 feet tall wind screen, oxygen producer, and erosion manager. When I was 14, I purchased my first tree identification book. […]

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