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Christine S. Bates is a contributing writer for the magazine. Her focus is in the business, finance and real estate related fields, not to say that she won’t cover some of the fun and quirky, too!

Going to the Dogs

All things dogs is the subject of Main Street’s real estate column for our annual “animal” issue. Whether selling, renting or buying, man’s best friend needs to be considered.

Dogs have been sharing their lives with humans for at least 20,000 years. The relationship may have started when wolves scavenging food scraps from humans gradually began […]

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Dog Whisperer

Lee Sohl has been looking after animals in the Litchfield Hills for thirty years. For Main Street’s annual animal issue we wanted to find out what Animal Control Officers do and learn about the rewards and challenges of the position.

How would you describe your job?

Officially I respond to citizens’ concerns regarding problems with all domestic animals. […]

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The Biggest Hits

In each of our region’s communities the year of 2020 showed record median prices and sales volumes; however, for our February issue, Main Street decided to just highlight the single most expensive property sold in each town in our circulation area.

Spectacular trophy properties can appear anywhere, at any time. The highest sale, $10,470,000, was the […]

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A Quiet Partner

Many of the stories in Main Street’s February issue relate to families and our greater shared community. The Foundation for Community Health (FCH), located in Sharon Valley, is a not-for-profit foundation that supports many rural health-related initiatives behind the scenes providing grant money and expertise to health and social service non-profits in both New York, […]

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The Reformer

Main Street in Millerton, NY, is home to numerous small, independent businesses, many of them owned and run by women – from Carol Sadlon at The Moviehouse to Joanne Scasso at Country Gardeners Florist. We selected Masha Loucks, who trained as a ballerina in Moscow, Russia, as the subject for Main Street’s wellness issue, and […]

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How much is your house worth today?

If you’re a real estate agent a question friends often ask you – casually over drinks – is “How much is my house worth? I’ve heard the market is going crazy.” Especially today when housing prices have had a Covid-run-up after years of a buyer’s market, people want to know how much more their house […]

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Not a Fore Gone Conclusion

Are you someone that would like to combine high investment returns and your favorite outdoor hobby? Have you ever considered buying a golf course? Could it possibly be a good idea or just a sand trap? Main Street Magazine’s real estate feature explores the trends in golf course real estate, the history of local golf […]

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What a Deal

Main Street Magazine’s monthly business column is usually an interview with an entrepreneur or the executive director of a regional not-for-profit. December’s subject, just in time for Christmas shopping, is a conversation with the staff, volunteers, and customers of a thriving not-for-profit thrift store that has always operated as a meeting place and service to […]

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Too Much Great Stuff?

This month’s entrepreneur feature shares the business story of William Morrison of Morrison Art Storage, which is based in Kent, CT. Morrison’s business is obviously the perfect feature for this month’s theme of “Art & Design,” but beyond that, the business of art storage is quite unique and interesting – and talk about a niche […]

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Location. Location.

Location shooting, finding and transforming actual sites, as opposed to sound stage filming, has fascinated me since the day a location scout knocked on our door in Greenwich Village. For this article about using your real estate to generate extra income or a higher price when you plan to sell, I decided to update my […]

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