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Christine S. Bates is a contributing writer for the magazine. Her focus is in the business, finance and real estate related fields, not to say that she won’t cover some of the fun and quirky, too!

Building In The Wrong Place

Real estate buyers frequently tell me that the house that fits their every need is “just too close to the road, too noisy, not private.” In Main Street’s May 2017 issue, I asked other realtors about the “road” discount on a home’s price. Experienced brokers estimated a discount between 5% to 30% with double the […]

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The Brief Craze For Octagon Houses

Nineteenth century America was a jumble of architectural styles from stately Federal homes and Greek Revival temples to Gothic cottages, Italianate villas, and rambling Victorian Queen Anne houses. The briefest and most curious style was the American fascination for eight-sided octagon structures found in public buildings, barns, and houses. Like geodesic domes in the twentieth […]

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Flowers For Every Season

At Christmas time as a teenager, I worked at our local florist carefully wrapping poinsettia flowers against the cold. The shop and attached greenhouse were a warm, tropical retreat from snowbanks and frigid temperatures in upstate New York. Those holiday memories led me to interview Terence S. Miller, the owner of Roaring Oaks Florist, for […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Houses Don’t Sell Quickly

With all the excitement and frustration of bidding wars and houses sold days after listing what about the houses that haven’t sold – houses that have been on the market for months or even years? Most real estate experts say a house that’s not moving in this market is priced wrong, but presentation, location, condition, […]

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Amenia’s New Tent

How would you describe your personal style?

After doing interior design for twenty years that’s still the hardest question to answer. I’ve discovered that the words I would use to describe my style are not necessarily what others understand. I’m more a traditionalist than a modernist. I like rooms that are textured, warm, patterned, complex and layered […]

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Halloween Phenomenon

For October’s history issue we researched the long history of October 31 celebrations and the increasing commercial importance of this holiday. Halloween is not only a night of fantasy – you can dress up as anyone or anything regardless of age, nationality, politics, or gender – it is a growing business opportunity. Internationally, Halloween is […]

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You Get Everything

Even though the residential real estate market everywhere is booming with record low inventory, commercial real estate prices and activity remain sluggish. We wondered how to go about selling your real estate if it’s attached to your small business. One local entrepreneur explained, “I didn’t get much for the business, but I did really well […]

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Keeping the Land

Before it started to rain and after the last Sunday lunch was served in the dining room, Tim Bontecou, President of Tamarack Preserve Ltd., took me for a SUV drive over the gravel roads and fields of the preserve, which have been in the Bontecou family since the late 1930s. 

Starting out at the clubhouse and […]

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Million Dollar Deal of the Week

Deal of the Week

Spacious 5 bedroom home centrally located between Lakeville and Salisbury in a private neighborhood on 5.9 acres. Near everything, yet very private. Close to Salisbury Central School, swimming and picnicking at the Grove, and 4 minutes from grocery shopping and sidewalk cafes, town hall, shops, and library in Salisbury village. […]

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Flip Intent

According to national statistics an estimated 6% of homes sold in the US are flipped properties – although from all the flipping, flopping, and fixing shows on television, flipping fascination seems much higher. For this issue of Main Street Magazine, we decided to explore the flipping phenomenon in our region at this moment in […]

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