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Christine S. Bates is a contributing writer for the magazine. Her focus is in the business, finance and real estate related fields, not to say that she won’t cover some of the fun and quirky, too!

The Greenest Town in Connecticut

The hilly, rocky rural Town of Cornwall and its five Cornwallian hamlets – Cornwall Bridge, Cornwall, West Cornwall, East Cornwall and Cornwall Hollow – are described as quirky, different, bohemian, artistic, intellectual, remote, private, and outdoorsy.  East of Kent and Sharon in Litchfield County, Cornwall is lightly populated with only 1,379* residents spread out […]

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Erica Weiner’s website clearly states “the weirder the better” when describing its antique jewelry from the twelfth through the twentieth century. Weird? Maybe. Beautiful? Most certainly! We were able to catch up with Erica to learn about her company’s origin story and the development of its jewelry designs and business. 

How did you and your […]

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January is the month for starting fresh. Like people, houses can have new beginnings, with a creative vision of their potential. For this issue, we interviewed designer Carol Neiley, co-owner of Maison Collab, who transformed a vacant caretaker’s cottage at Great Elm in Sharon, into an elegant and functional Federal-style sanctuary.

Were you looking for a […]

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For this month’s health issue, Main Street has its eyes on vision care and those “O” professionals who provide a wide range of eye-care services. In our region there is a choice between medical doctors, independent optometrists, corporate-owned retailers staffed by optometrists, and independent and retail chain opticians.  

Which kind of O do you […]

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The Gift of Land

“We are so lucky to live here in Dutchess County – with its incredible tapestry of open meadows, wooded hillsides, streams meandering through hidden valleys, orchards, and cornfields. It is a tapestry rich in natural resources and stunning scenic vistas. The work the DLC does helps to provide us all with clean water, local […]

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