Curb Appeal

A gradual movement away from fertilized, mown green lawn with a band of spirea hiding foundations towards an intentional, sophisticated approach to residential landscaping is happening all around us. At the same time that sellers are “upgrading” bathrooms and kitchens to increase the value of their home and enjoy the improvements themselves, they are paying […]

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The Greenest Town in Connecticut

The hilly, rocky rural Town of Cornwall and its five Cornwallian hamlets – Cornwall Bridge, Cornwall, West Cornwall, East Cornwall and Cornwall Hollow – are described as quirky, different, bohemian, artistic, intellectual, remote, private, and outdoorsy.  East of Kent and Sharon in Litchfield County, Cornwall is lightly populated with only 1,379* residents spread out […]

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January is the month for starting fresh. Like people, houses can have new beginnings, with a creative vision of their potential. For this issue, we interviewed designer Carol Neiley, co-owner of Maison Collab, who transformed a vacant caretaker’s cottage at Great Elm in Sharon, into an elegant and functional Federal-style sanctuary.

Were you looking for a […]

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The Gift of Land

“We are so lucky to live here in Dutchess County – with its incredible tapestry of open meadows, wooded hillsides, streams meandering through hidden valleys, orchards, and cornfields. It is a tapestry rich in natural resources and stunning scenic vistas. The work the DLC does helps to provide us all with clean water, local […]

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Affordable Housing? Buy Multi-Unit Properties

Buying a multi-unit property can be like sharing an entrée at a restaurant, buying a two-for-one special at the grocery store, or eating leftovers. You can pay about the same price, and often less, for a multi-dwelling property as you might for a single-family residence with the benefit of added income to help pay the […]

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Mystery Buildings 2023

Our readers responded so enthusiastically to the first Mystery Buildings article in 2019 and to More Mystery Houses in 2022 that Main Street plans to return every October to check up on the status of previous mysteries and identify new ones, including commercial buildings. We appreciate the help of real-estate agents, town officials, local residents […]

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Founded in 1824, the Town of Copake, the Mohican word for snake pond, is busy planning its bicentennial celebrations for next year. Located on the eastern edge of Columbia County, Copake is an all-season sporting playground, which still retains its agricultural feel. The Harlem Valley Rail Trail winds through Taconic State Park. There’s skiing and […]

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