The Brief Craze For Octagon Houses

Nineteenth century America was a jumble of architectural styles from stately Federal homes and Greek Revival temples to Gothic cottages, Italianate villas, and rambling Victorian Queen Anne houses. The briefest and most curious style was the American fascination for eight-sided octagon structures found in public buildings, barns, and houses. Like geodesic domes in the twentieth […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Houses Don’t Sell Quickly

With all the excitement and frustration of bidding wars and houses sold days after listing what about the houses that haven’t sold – houses that have been on the market for months or even years? Most real estate experts say a house that’s not moving in this market is priced wrong, but presentation, location, condition, […]

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You Get Everything

Even though the residential real estate market everywhere is booming with record low inventory, commercial real estate prices and activity remain sluggish. We wondered how to go about selling your real estate if it’s attached to your small business. One local entrepreneur explained, “I didn’t get much for the business, but I did really well […]

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Flip Intent

According to national statistics an estimated 6% of homes sold in the US are flipped properties – although from all the flipping, flopping, and fixing shows on television, flipping fascination seems much higher. For this issue of Main Street Magazine, we decided to explore the flipping phenomenon in our region at this moment in […]

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It’s Not Your Imagination

It sure seems that houses are popping up all over our region. Main Street’s June monthly real estate feature looks at new house construction, and explores the reasons for this sudden burst of activity. How long will it last?

Who is building? Why?

At the same time that many Americans can’t pay their rent, a brew of […]

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Up Up and Away

For Main Street’s transportation issue our monthly real estate article explores the stories of our region’s private and public airstrips. There are many more than you might think and some are even for sale.

Passionate pilots build private airstrips

Since the early days of aviation, private airstrips have been created by those with an aviation passion whether it’s […]

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Could Climate Change Be Good?

Researching the impact of climate change on real estate values in our area seemed like a great idea with a clear answer. There’s no doubt that rising temperatures and extreme weather events will increasingly impact human life on Earth, from the historic fires in California and Australia to snow in Houston. But locally, where, what, […]

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Going to the Dogs

All things dogs is the subject of Main Street’s real estate column for our annual “animal” issue. Whether selling, renting or buying, man’s best friend needs to be considered.

Dogs have been sharing their lives with humans for at least 20,000 years. The relationship may have started when wolves scavenging food scraps from humans gradually began […]

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The Biggest Hits

In each of our region’s communities the year of 2020 showed record median prices and sales volumes; however, for our February issue, Main Street decided to just highlight the single most expensive property sold in each town in our circulation area.

Spectacular trophy properties can appear anywhere, at any time. The highest sale, $10,470,000, was the […]

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How much is your house worth today?

If you’re a real estate agent a question friends often ask you – casually over drinks – is “How much is my house worth? I’ve heard the market is going crazy.” Especially today when housing prices have had a Covid-run-up after years of a buyer’s market, people want to know how much more their house […]

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