Sky King

When did planes first fly from this airport? A couple of farmers started flying from their potato field here in 1909, not so long after the Wright’s first flight in 1903. The Modolo brothers created an actual airstrip in 1914. In those days it was called “anywhere” airport. Walter Koladza, a former test pilot, purchased the airport at the end of World War II and [...]

By |April 27th, 2021|Monthly Entrepreneur|

Environmental Problem Solvers

For Main Street’s environmental issue, we interviewed Daniel Rukakoski, head of Environmental Consulting for regional engineering firm Tighe & Bond. The multi-disciplinary firm is known for its expertise in engineering, design, and environmental consulting. In this interview we discover what these specialized consultants do and why environmental consulting might be a career to consider (but not if you don’t like being outdoors). What do environmental consultants [...]

By |March 29th, 2021|Monthly Entrepreneur|

Dog Whisperer

Lee Sohl has been looking after animals in the Litchfield Hills for thirty years. For Main Street’s annual animal issue we wanted to find out what Animal Control Officers do and learn about the rewards and challenges of the position. How would you describe your job? Officially I respond to citizens’ concerns regarding problems with all domestic animals. People contact me directly by phone or email [...]

By |February 22nd, 2021|Monthly Entrepreneur|

A Quiet Partner

Many of the stories in Main Street’s February issue relate to families and our greater shared community. The Foundation for Community Health (FCH), located in Sharon Valley, is a not-for-profit foundation that supports many rural health-related initiatives behind the scenes providing grant money and expertise to health and social service non-profits in both New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, which in turn provide vital programs and [...]

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Navigating the Financial Universe with Nicholas Stuller

Nothing can be as swift as the winds of change when it comes to managing money — especially when those winds shift with sudden, and dramatic force. For Nicholas Stuller, one of the foremost authorities on financial advising, captaining your economic ship requires a steady hand, some calculated risk and a patient predilection for seeking knowledge. “I have always been curious about the financial services […]

By |July 5th, 2020|Business|

Apple Lady & Family Farm Advocate

Elizabeth Ryan spoke to us from her truck, parked at the Breezy Hill farm stand in the Union Square market in NYC on a busy Saturday when we had our first conversation about Ryan’s multiple businesses. I wanted to interview her because of the exceptional cherry pies Breezy Hill sells at the Millerton Farmer’s Market. What I discovered was an ambitious agricultural enterprise headed by […]

By |June 29th, 2020|Business|

They’re There for Us

Many of my friends have described their very positive recent experiences at Sharon Hospital in Sharon, CT, during these last difficult months. Their enthusiastic comments made me realize how fortunate we are to have a local health care facility in our rural area. It made me wonder how the hospital adjusted to this sudden emergency. What were the tough decisions? And what about those tents? […]

By |June 2nd, 2020|Business|

4 Reasons to Refinance a Mortgage – You Still Have Time

Mortgage rates recently reached their lowest level in years. That means if you haven’t yet refinanced your home, you still have time. Here are four good reasons to refinance:

  1. Lower your monthly payments. Refinancing to a lower rate could not only help you reduce your monthly payment, but also save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.
  2. Shorten the term of your […]
By |October 21st, 2019|Business|
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