What a Deal

Main Street Magazine’s monthly business column is usually an interview with an entrepreneur or the executive director of a regional not-for-profit. December’s subject, just in time for Christmas shopping, is a conversation with the staff, volunteers, and customers of a thriving not-for-profit thrift store that has always operated as a meeting place and service to everyone in our community. The Bargain Barn in Sharon, CT, [...]

By |November 25th, 2020|Monthly Entrepreneur|

Too Much Great Stuff?

This month’s entrepreneur feature shares the business story of William Morrison of Morrison Art Storage, which is based in Kent, CT. Morrison’s business is obviously the perfect feature for this month’s theme of “Art & Design,” but beyond that, the business of art storage is quite unique and interesting – and talk about a niche market! I heard about Morrison Art Storage on Robin Hood Radio [...]

By |October 30th, 2020|Monthly Entrepreneur|


The idea for this entrepreneur story began in 2011 with an article in the New York Times about the modern, prefabricated house next to a cow barn designed by Pilar Proffitt and Robert Bristow in Lakeville, CT (see image on next page). I bought a ticket to attend a Halloween party there just to see the inside of the house. Then in July 2020 another [...]

By |September 25th, 2020|Monthly Entrepreneur|

Milk Like it Used to Taste

Have you ever wondered how the partners of Manolo Blahnik’s American shoe business, popularized on the TV show “Sex and the City,” started a farm in Litchfield, CT, producing dairy products available through out New England? George Malkemus made time to talk to Main Street Magazine from his office in New York and then from Arethusa Farm in Litchfield, CT. It’s a passionate, surprising story. [...]

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Navigating the Financial Universe with Nicholas Stuller

Nothing can be as swift as the winds of change when it comes to managing money — especially when those winds shift with sudden, and dramatic force. For Nicholas Stuller, one of the foremost authorities on financial advising, captaining your economic ship requires a steady hand, some calculated risk and a patient predilection for seeking knowledge. “I have always been curious about the financial services […]

By |July 5th, 2020|Business|

Apple Lady & Family Farm Advocate

Elizabeth Ryan spoke to us from her truck, parked at the Breezy Hill farm stand in the Union Square market in NYC on a busy Saturday when we had our first conversation about Ryan’s multiple businesses. I wanted to interview her because of the exceptional cherry pies Breezy Hill sells at the Millerton Farmer’s Market. What I discovered was an ambitious agricultural enterprise headed by […]

By |June 29th, 2020|Business|

They’re There for Us

Many of my friends have described their very positive recent experiences at Sharon Hospital in Sharon, CT, during these last difficult months. Their enthusiastic comments made me realize how fortunate we are to have a local health care facility in our rural area. It made me wonder how the hospital adjusted to this sudden emergency. What were the tough decisions? And what about those tents? […]

By |June 2nd, 2020|Business|

4 Reasons to Refinance a Mortgage – You Still Have Time

Mortgage rates recently reached their lowest level in years. That means if you haven’t yet refinanced your home, you still have time. Here are four good reasons to refinance:

  1. Lower your monthly payments. Refinancing to a lower rate could not only help you reduce your monthly payment, but also save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.
  2. Shorten the term of your […]
By |October 21st, 2019|Business|
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