The Second Time Around

Fascinating, individualistic people live here which makes for exceptional second hand, previously owned, vintage, boutique stores each with their own slant on fashion and mix of new and old. You will always find something interesting in these shops or perhaps you have a pair of Gucci shoes or a cocktail dress that needs a new owner. Main Street visited with Connie Griffin on a busy [...]

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While Stacey Moore of Moore & More Printing ate her dinner in front of her computer screen and oversaw a printing job, we talked about Adopt-A-Family, a charity that she has run for almost 25 years. You know the saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person”? That’s Stacey. Is Moore & More Printing on Dutchess Avenue in Millerton, NY, also the home [...]

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5 Generations of Antiques Dealers

Montage Antiques of “antiques row” (as we affectionately refer to it here at Main Street Magazine) in Millerton, NY, is a true family affair. When did you open in Millerton? We opened our store four and a half years ago, and this summer we bought the building. We find the village so appealing from a retail point of view. There’s no need to drive from [...]

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Slightly Off, But Very Good

How do we learn each and every day about what is going on in our area as well as the bigger world? Our local newspapers are published only once a week. Internet news sites and TV cover the world, but not our neighborhoods. Daily newspapers cover what is going on in nearby bigger cities like Poughkeepsie or Hartford. That’s why for our annual learning issue [...]

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After the weekend guests had enjoyed breakfast with fresh eggs from the hens in back of The Egremont Village Inn, I learned about this family’s seven year-long effort to revive live music in the old Curtis Barn in Egremont, MA, and burnish a historic inn in the Berkshires.

Whose idea was it to buy an inn in Egremont? Where do you all live?

SK: Seven years ago, on December […]

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4 Reasons to Refinance a Mortgage – You Still Have Time

Mortgage rates recently reached their lowest level in years. That means if you haven’t yet refinanced your home, you still have time. Here are four good reasons to refinance:

  1. Lower your monthly payments. Refinancing to a lower rate could not only help you reduce your monthly payment, but also save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.
  2. Shorten the term of your […]
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Local Cable Company Offering a Unique Niche


As multimedia businesses continue to innovate on all platforms in order to keep up with the fast paced environment of social media marketing and brand awareness, one local cable company is utilizing a unique alternative to its traditional media platform that is further expanding its identity as a business staple for both Columbia and Greene counties. Mid-Hudson Cable, a cable provider that has embedded […]

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