Ridgway Farm: The Business of a Family Farm

Being a farmer is hard work. It requires long hours and deep dedication. But the rewards of cultivating the earth and feeding people cant be quantified. We were able to catch up with Gordon Ridgway of Ridgway Farms in West Cornwall, CT, to learn about his journey to becoming a farmer, how he contributes and gives back to his community, and how hes passed on […]

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Erica Weiner’s website clearly states “the weirder the better” when describing its antique jewelry from the twelfth through the twentieth century. Weird? Maybe. Beautiful? Most certainly! We were able to catch up with Erica to learn about her company’s origin story and the development of its jewelry designs and business. 

How did you and your partner Lindsay meet and start your business?

It was New York […]

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{pretty to think so} – a fine farm-to-table restaurant in Rhinebeck, NY, may seem like a new venture, but there’s a lot of history behind the eatery, which opened in May 2023.

The restaurant’s inception was an act of “pure serendipity.” Like a good book, the {pretty to think so} story began unfolding years ago when a chef, mixologist, and entrepreneur gathered on a Staatsburgh farm to create […]

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For this month’s health issue, Main Street has its eyes on vision care and those “O” professionals who provide a wide range of eye-care services. In our region there is a choice between medical doctors, independent optometrists, corporate-owned retailers staffed by optometrists, and independent and retail chain opticians.  

Which kind of O do you need?

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors, who specialize in identifying and treating […]

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Demeter Home Hosts “Meet the Artists” Event

Demeter Home in Pine Plains, NY, hosted their first “Meet the Artists” event on Saturday, February 10. Alex Athanasiadis, owner of Demeter, hosted the event as a way to connect artists with the folks who purchase their work. “For us, it’s all about community building,” he said. “We always carry so much art from local artists and we just wanted to give a […]

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When Emily Van Steenbergen’s husband Tyler opened a chiropractic office on Main Street in Millerton, NY, he only needed half the allotted space for his practice. Emily decided they should do something with the extra space that aligned with the needs of his clients. So she created a wellness store and brought in natural body products, supplements, palo santo, beeswax candles, soaps, organic chocolate, and […]

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Reclaiming Pine Plains – Dale Mitchell of Apex Modular Solutions

I encountered Dale Mitchell after investigating the “mystery” house he owns on Route 83 just past Stewart’s in Pine Plains. (See the article on mystery buildings in last month’s issue of Maine Street Magazine.) Mitchell, a tall older gentleman wearing a flat cap and plaid shirt, agreed to meet me in his tiny office, surrounded by an assortment of other small buildings that had […]

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Demeter Home Celebrates its Two Year Anniversary

Demeter Home opened towards the tail-end of the pandemic in September of 2021 in a relatively small space. “When I opened, it was slow because I had to get my name out there. Starting off on the small side of the building, it was hard to get people to notice that there was a new business in town,” says Alex Athanasiadis, owner of Demeter Home.

Alex […]

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