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Abode Home Goods Celebrates One Year

By Published On: May 31st, 2024

Abode Home Goods, located on Main Street in Millerton, NY, is celebrating its first anniversary in June. 

Susan Maloney opened Abode Home Goods after a lengthy career in design. She previously worked as a fashion editor, set designer, stylist, and entrepreneur and has renovated multiple homes. Throughout her career, one thing has remained constant: her love of interior design, art, and architecture. She had always dreamed of having a home design store, so when the opportunity opened up for her to have her own space on Main Street, she couldn’t pass it up.

Thoughtfully curated 

Susan carefully selects and edits the products that she carries in Abode so that others can discover objects for their home, family, and friends that spark joy, beauty, and memories. “I carry items here that I love and would put in my own home, or give to others as gifts,” she said.

She also works closely with a variety of local artisans to source items that are produced as locally and sustainably as possible. 

She carries wooden cutting boards by Khem Studios in the Hudson Valley. Each board is handmade from regionally sourced, furniture-grade, kiln-dried wood. They come in a variety of shapes and woods, such as walnut, cherry, and maple. The store sells a selection of cooking utensils, such as spoons and spatulas, as well as salad servers, toast tongs, chutney spoons, and jam spreaders that are handmade from repurposed American hardwoods by local artisan Troy Brook Studios in Litchfield, CT.

On the shelves, you’ll find hand-poured candles made from all-natural coconut wax for a clean and complete burn from Keap based in Kingston, NY. Keap works with a master perfumer to create well-balanced compositions that evoke nature, such as Lavender + Petals, Wood Cabin, and limited seasonal scents for a fresh take. The candles are made with zero waste using innovative plastic-free materials – even the candle holder can be reused as a drinking glass. 

You’ll also find candles by Catskills Candle Studio, a female-owned business located in the Catskill mountains. The candles are made from 100% natural soy and fragrance oil infused with essential oils for a clean burn. On the walls are paintings and photographs from a variety of local artists based out of the Hudson Valley, Litchfield Hills, and the Berkshire Mountains. Abode currently features oil paintings from Lilly Woodworth, an artist living and working in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, and photographs by Sarah Blogett, a naturalist photographer based in New York and Connecticut. Abode also carries lovely handmade ceramic pieces such as bud vases, creamers, and sugar bowls by Sentiment Pottery of Sharon, CT, and a collection of hand-thrown vases in rich color hues by New York and Connecticut-based ceramist Judy Jackson. Also available are handmade “good thoughts” porcelain dishes with sweet sayings or images – a perfect gift – sustainably crafted in the Hudson Valley by woman-owned Davis Studio.

“I try to support local artisans whenever possible,” Susan said. “I go to a lot of local shows to source products as I’m always looking to work with other local artists.”

Although local is always the focus, Abode also offers unique items from craftspeople across the globe, such as handblown glassware from Paris-based La Soufflerie, a family-owned business that runs as a non-profit supporting local glassblowers. Items include wine and drinking glasses, pitchers and decanters, vases, and candleholders made from recycled glass. “Each piece is unique and slightly different, which adds to its beauty. They’re a real hit with customers who often return to add to their collection.”

You’ll also find one-of-a-kind vintage items including vases, decorative plates and bowls, and select antique tables and chairs.

“I like to include a range of products that can be given as hostess gifts or to loved ones, as well as unique items that add to the personal style of your home, such as decorative pillows, quilts, and throw rugs,” she said. “Wellness inspires me too, so you’ll find soothing all-natural bath soaks, soaps, and incense.”

Design services

In addition to her storefront, Susan is also available for interior design projects and consultations.

Interior design is a collaborative process. Susan typically starts by learning her client’s interests, needs, and tastes so that she can effectively design a space that they’re going to be happy and comfortable in. She said that her main job as an interior design consultant is to act as the editor.

“Instead of my client getting overwhelmed with 25 options, I’ll present them with three or four,” she explained. “My objective overall is to make a livable, beautiful space for my client. I always factor in how a family will use a space and work around pieces with sentimental value.”

In her own home and when she’s working on design projects, she enjoys mixing pieces of different styles and vintage decor pieces with newer, modern ones.

“Many antique pieces are made so much better and are good for the environment. They last longer and warm up a space,” she said. “It’s easy to see a mid-century modern chair next to a vintage table. Mixing styles often makes the overall appearance more interesting.”

Looking long-term

In the coming months, Susan is looking forward to partnering with other artists and makers to host events at Abode and welcome in members of the community. “Events bring the community together, and people get to learn something new about a product or craft that they’re interested in as well.”

Susan also likes to carry a variety of products and rotate them regularly so that there’s always something new or different for customers to discover.

For Susan, learning more about the community’s interests has been the most rewarding part of running her business. “It’s fun to be able to help when people are looking for a gift or object for their house,” she said. “It’s satisfying and makes me happy to know that people are bringing home something that they love for themselves or to give to someone else.” •

Visit Abode Home Goods on its website, on Instagram @abodehomegoodsny, or in-store at 52 Main Street, Millerton, NY 12546.