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Bridging the Gap

As we turn the page on the second decade of the 21st century, the country’s political climate has perhaps never been more volatile. The rise of social media and the ease of connectivity has transformed the public forum dramatically. Political discourse has become less a proactive discussion for the betterment of our quality of life, and more a series of encounter battles fought for the purpose of clearing the opponent’s opinion from the field. New York alone has found itself at times embroiled in a [...]

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Game Changer

“Just go for it.” Those were the last thoughts I remember thinking before I rolled up and over a wooden ladder, and attempted to huck a 4-5’ drop on my mountain bike this past September. I’ve been mountain biking for over twenty years now with relatively few injuries, and although I usually draw the line at five foot jumps and drops, my bike handling skills are good enough to get me out of most jams. Not this time. My front wheel dropped out from under me, [...]

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Hope on the Horizon

Woven into the tapestry of our lives is the culmination of all that we have experienced. From the fertile soil of our childhood, formative years where each moment has the capability of leaving an indelible impression, to our howling youth, where our sense of who we are within begins to breathe its first gasps of life. For most of us, assigning a temporality to the meaning of our lives has become a matter of course. For each passing phase we assume the previous has resolved [...]

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A Love Story

Great Mountain Forest (GMF) is an emerald jewel in the crown of an area that covers over 6,000 acres in Norfolk and Canaan, CT. It also tells many stories – an understory of ecological diversity, a succession story of trees and families, a restoration story, a conservation story, but most of all, a love story between the forest and its stewards. Working forest GMF is what’s known as  a “working forest,” which according to the World Resources Institute means that it is “actively managed to [...]

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