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Setting Her Own Precedents

It was a sunny day in the Capital on Wednesday, March 4 1885. As the newly elected, 22nd President of the United States, Grover Cleveland placed his left hand on the Bible his mother had given him when he was 15 and took the oath of office under pleasant skies and in front of a congenial crowd in Washington, DC. History remains quite uncertain where Belva Ann Lockwood was during the historic gathering, though it cannot forget the struggles she endured in her efforts to [...]

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Sustainable Sustainability

I’m going to start this article with some important science because we all know attention wanes pretty quickly a few sentences in, and before I lose you I need to justify why small – and large – actions on behalf of our planet are scientifically necessary. What’s the matter with the planet? The Earth is a closed system. Essentially nothing enters or leaves the system, unless we get hit by a meteor. Then something is definitely entering. This means that we have finite natural resources at [...]

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Fighting for Generations

The year was 2005, President George W. Bush had begun his second term in office that January. The US’ 11th Circuit Court of Appeals refused – by a vote of 2-1 – to stop the euthanasia of Terri Schiavo, who had been in a vegetative state since 1990, by not ordering the reinsertion of her feeding tube. And the concept of entire websites dedicated to internet videos was born in February when YouTube first went online. By April of that year, across the Hudson Valley, [...]

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My Transfer Station

I love my transfer station, and I’m not the only one. There is something cathartic and freeing about dropping off one’s refuse at a site distant from one’s own house, but not too distant. Most of my life, I lived in places with trash pickup, where the handoff of garbage took place at the end of the driveway and involved nothing more than wheeling a barrel down to the curb on Sunday night. Pretty thoughtless, really. A transfer station recasts that process as a sort [...]

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Read This Article About Puppies

You fell for it, didn’t you? You saw that banner of adorable, impossibly fluffy puppies, and you couldn’t help but read on. Coupled with an enticing title and some nifty rhetoric, you’re now drawn into an article about an animal only a mother could love. “What’s that?” you’re probably wondering, but let’s dwell on the puppies a little longer, because they’re cute. How did that picture work on us? In short, we are hard-wired suckers. According to Natalie Angier of The New York Times, “scientists [...]

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