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A Cautionary Tale

A week on, the vacuum still picks up the occasional wiry hair. It would seem that the dining room rug has been crisscrossed 20 times, and yet the mementos of our nighttime guest persist. But, in fairness, back to the beginning. For those of us who have chosen to live in the country, whether it’s a weekend and summer getaway or year round, proximity to wildlife seems to be part of the charm. We’ll often overhear snippets of conversations spiced with “our deer…” or “our [...]

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Challenging Us as Political Beings in the World

Academia, stuffy lectures, silos of thought, ivory towers – these visions of scholarly pursuits are not the pillars of the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College. In contrast, the Center dedicates itself to open, bold and diverse thinking, active questioning, and deepening an understanding of our collective political lives. Dark times light the way The Center grew out of a conference in 2006 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Arendt’s birth. Bard is the location of the Hannah Arendt Library, a [...]

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A Healthy Passion for Food Harmony

Food is easy – right? Its sustenance is directly related to our survival as a species and yet, the ways in which we choose to procure that nourishment and our philosophies on cooking remain as varied as society itself. In fact, the term “nourishment” has often found itself wedged apart from food thanks to modern eating habits. While the proliferation of exposé style documentaries like Super Size Me and Rotten have raised the public’s awareness of some of the less-than savory practices involved in commercial [...]

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Border Wars

Deep in Mount Washington State Forest is a waist-high piece of granite. Intrepid hikers with a few hours to burn can reach it without too much trouble for the experience of standing on three states at once. Position yourself on one side of it, you’re in New York. Step to your left, and you enter the Bay State. Circle around, and you stand in Litchfield County, CT. Hikers can do handstands on top of the stone or perform whatever commemoration strikes their fancy. Living in [...]

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Traffic, Tics & Henry David Thoreau

It was as if, one morning, without any warning, we arose to find the world a different place. Because, it was. Almost overnight, we acquired a new lexicon of terms and a distant geographic awareness that crash landed at home. Wuhan. Bergamo. Social distancing. Shelter in place. Virtual … everything. It was March, after all, and the notion of being house-bound seemed inconvenient, but somehow tolerable. The stores were open, so there was food. There were some shelves that were often empty, but the essentials [...]

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