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Fighting for Sensible Solutions

As May floods into the Hudson Valley and winter’s levee breaks, its cold, barren seams burst giving way to an overflow of boundless greens and fertile earth. As it is each year, residents of rural upstate New York begin to fantasize of warmer temps, the scent of a freshly mowed lawn, lazy days and neighborly chats. Spring in the Hudson River Valley, as it does in most places around the nation, brings with it a sense of rebirth. For the better part of a decade, [...]

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Advocacy in Motion

The human body, and its ability to endure, will never cease to captivate and inspire with each story of struggle and perseverance. As the dust settles upon the events of the past year, these stories seem to be more present than ever and continue to hearten the human consciousness – yet they have always been with us. Perhaps the greatest example of human endurance can be found in the world of athletics. For the modern athlete, success is based upon one’s ability to endure. To [...]

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Walk the Line

French high-wire artist Philippe Petit speaks so passionately about his desire to learn, that it’s ironic to hear him discuss his experiences as a schoolboy. “When I was a kid, I was thrown out of several schools because I was caught practicing magic under the desk or stealing my teacher’s watch,” says Petit. Now, at 71 years-old, he continues to devote several hours per day to practicing his art and skills. “It’s an ongoing journey. I’m not giving up,” says Petit. Renowned for completing 90 appearances on the wire, Petit has performed in spectacular settings around [...]

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The Legendary ’69 Hemi

As a kid, I was always brought along to big, loud car shows and flashy, bustling car auctions. Meanwhile, I never really understood why anything besides the fried food was so important. Cars haven’t been a huge part of my life by any means, but attending these events while growing up showed me just how passionate my father, Eric Clark, is about vehicles. Thus, whenever the topic arises, I can’t help but think about the many classic cars my dad has tucked away in his [...]

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Rest in Trees

Many of us are making choices about how we live that are more environmentally sound and kinder to the Earth. These decisions can include the end of our lives too. There are many options for making your final journey a green one. While green practices might seem at odds with traditional ones, perceptions and perspectives on green funerals and burials are evolving, and more people are embracing green funerals as part of their final wishes. Tons of steel Let’s get some numbers on the table [...]

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