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The Flâneur and the Saunterer

A first, stumbling step beside the coffee table. A wobbly turn of the pedals. An unexpected lurch when you step on the gas: the great milestones in life –  and in human history – involve transportation, but none more so than the initial steps taken by our African ancestors six million years ago that led to bipedalism.  Perhaps it was in pursuit of prey, or to escape a predator, but somewhere around modern-day Kenya or Chad, early humans discovered that two legs worked better than [...]

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The Museum Road Trip – Taking in the Sights, From New York to Florida

There’s no arguing that New York City has some of the best museums in the United States. One may maintain that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the cream of the crop. It has two iconic locations, with the main museum stationed at 1000 Fifth Avenue and The Met at The Cloisters located at Fort Tryon Park. Certainly that could be up for debate among those in the art world, but there’s no arguing that the Met’s 20 curatorial themes offered to museumgoers are worthy [...]

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The Taconic State Parkway

The Taconic State Parkway never quite got to where it was going.  While some drivers love it and others hate it, at 105.3 miles in length, it is the longest parkway in New York State, we’ll give it that. If there’s anyone here who’s not driven the road, I’m thinking you may want to consider purchasing a lottery ticket tonight, because to have not traveled at least some portion of the TSP – officially designated New York State Route 987G – is nearly impossible when [...]

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Driving into Summer

Summer is the ideal time for drive-in movies. After recapping the history of the drive-in movie, Main Street shares news on a local spot in Amenia that offers films, food, and so much more. There are lots of other movie nights in the Hudson Valley region, so grab your calendar and start planning. Car culture An icon of American culture, the automobile, was invented and perfected in Germany and France in the late 1800s, but the history of the car is often associated with America [...]

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Love, laughter, and the Lasso effect

There can be something mildly satisfying about standing in the check-out line at your go-to grocery store, waiting for Jill, or whoever your favorite checker might be. We can recognize that “self check” might save time and certainly save the grocery management salaries, but waiting (im)patiently in line allows us to listen in on a variety of casual conversations. There are the predictable musings from a nearby couple about whether all the groceries on the list have been collected. There may be the fragment of [...]

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