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Ties That Bind

Unlike any time in our recent memory, the crisis that has befallen populations around the world has forced large scale governmental institutions to lay bare the true value of public health and safety. Emergencies, natural disasters, and traumatic events throughout history have often brought out the best and worst in society and the COVID-19 pandemic has been no exception. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the heart of the human spirit has persevered in places where community outreach is part of the very fabric of society. Local leaders and [...]

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Trial by Fire

Millerton, NY’s North East Community Center (NECC) has become accustomed to providing community support on a whim. Established in the winter of 1988 at the urging of Wendy Curtis and Sam Busselle, through the passing of a town statute, its original purpose was to respond to the lack of social support services for Village of Millerton and the Town of North East residents, who reside far from county services out of Poughkeepsie, NY. As happens in many small towns around the world, events of even [...]

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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating for me as a child meant focused attention on the present moment but to a different end. With seven hungry kids sitting around the dinner table, we were mindful of eating as quickly as we could. The first one done got the last pork chop, or burger, or baked potato. I still carry this propensity to wolf down my food even though there are many fewer mouths to compete against in my family and I can have all the pork chops I want. [...]

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The Constant Farmer

What is the secret of the American farmer? What belies the charming pastoral agricultural spirit that has seemingly infiltrated nearly every aspect of small town life? The columns of mowed pasture that line the fields and meadows of the Hudson Valley, Berkshires and Northwest Connecticut and the mild-mannered hay bale obelisks that dot the landscape along our many country roads come with their own generational legacies. From the immigrant dairy farmer, who traveled west in search of a new beginning and thus endured wartime uncertainty [...]

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LaBonne’s – Your hometown market

These days, there are some places you just don’t want to go, and then there are places you just shouldn’t go. In his recent interview with the master of macabre, Stephen King, The New York Times’ David Marchese went to the latter. He challenged the horror writer with an all-too-real scenario: you’re a germaphobe, stuck at home during the current crisis, and you’re running out of food and unable to get a slot in online ordering. What do you do? King leisurely considered the options, [...]

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