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A Blossoming Business

Colorful blooms in shades of red, blue, white, and other vibrant hues are the focus of business for F.W. Battenfeld & Son – a family-run farm in Red Hook, NY. The company, which is currently helmed by Fred Battenfeld, his son Lance and daughter Morgan, traces its history back to 1906. Fred represents the fourth generation of the family presiding over the farm while Lance and Morgan claim fifth-generation status. It was their relative Conrad Battenfeld who planted the initial seeds for the family farming [...]

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Farming for the Future

My introduction to Hudson Hemp was at a pop-up market in the round barn at Churchtown Dairy outside of Hudson, NY. It was late fall of 2018. The round barn is a marvel in and of itself, an already magical space, and having local vendors in it with a variety of handmade goodies and wares made it even more so. It’s the perfect space in which to learn about what your neighbors are making and growing. On this beautiful late fall afternoon, in the heart [...]

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A Different Kind of Rescue Mission

Winter can be tough on many folks. From the moment the first frost settles in the Northeast to the early emergence of the progeny of green flora, the interim months of winter doldrums can have an isolating effect on even the most cheerful. For many, the past year seemed to have encompassed one prolonged, especially frigid winter that proved to be downright relentless. Feelings of winter’s isolation were extended through the summer months and amplified by the spread of the coronavirus. Stay-at-home guidelines implemented to [...]

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Rock Steady Farm

When they started out, D. Rooney, co-owner with Maggie Cheney of Rock Steady Farm on Kaye Road in Millerton, NY, both hoped the Millerton farm could increase food equity in the food system and create safer spaces for LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex and asexual/ally queer) and BIOPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color) farmers to thrive. Almost six years later, the farm, which is located on 12 acres of scenic land, has indeed made a difference. Its wide array of vegetables feed [...]

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A Cosmic Idea

What could possibly be more difficult to resist when we resolve ourselves for the new year than temptation? Be it a new weight-loss goal, abandoning an unhealthy habit like smoking, or simply managing a few spending tendencies – temptation will eventually make its unwelcome presence known at some point within the coming months. Sometimes however, it is important that we not lose ourselves in the jungle of anxiety that can come with self-improvement. Our temptations can at times reveal who we are with the kind [...]

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