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A Journey Through Area Farmers Markets

In an area like ours, where you can easily stumble across a local farm’s produce stand or a small business selling unique goods, farmers markets are a perfect way for the community to come together and appreciate these nearby offerings in one place. There are endless benefits to these weekly events, as vendors can showcase their stock to a wide crowd of patrons, and in turn, customers have the opportunity to purchase fresh, local, and unique products. The Millerton market One such market is in [...]

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Where Farm Meets Table

Emerging from our COVID has left us hungry – for experiences and joyful connection. For more than a year, we closed in on ourselves, threw ourselves into gardening and growing food, and found solace in the outdoors, perhaps becoming more curious about the natural world. It would be good to shed the isolation but keep forging relationships with the land. One way to do that is through Seed and Spoon Culinary Farm Stays. They’re working at the intersection of creating community, growing and teaching about [...]

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Millerton’s The Moviehouse

How does one properly pay homage to a symbol? As a child, I visited Millerton, NY’s The Moviehouse and gaped at the clock tower perched on its peak like a homing beacon for those in search of an escape into the world of film. It was a treat for myself – a child of divorce – and for my parents, who were able to briefly trade custody schedules and middle-age stress for popcorn and fantasy. Those were happy times for me, logged in my nostalgic [...]

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Roasting In Pine Plains

There’s something about watching someone do something they love with their hands that’s mesmerizing. It’s like watching ballet or like watching a child put a puzzle together. You become fully engaged yourself and can’t look away. I didn’t know roasting coffee beans was as hands-on an experience as it is – or can be – until I learned all about it on a visit to Winchell Mountain Coffee Roasters in Pine Plains, NY. There, in a nondescript building across from the Central Pine Plains School [...]

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Didi Barrett: Championing the Hudson Valley

After almost a decade in New York State’s Assembly representing District 106, which includes parts of Dutchess and Columbia Counties, it’s easy for residents to feel as though Didi Barrett has been present for most of their lives – and in a way she has. Barrett was elected to the State Assembly after a special election in March 2012 and her following four terms, has become one of the most recognizable names in local government. Despite a recent penchant for many a lawn sign adorning [...]

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