The Flâneur and the Saunterer

A first, stumbling step beside the coffee table. A wobbly turn of the pedals. An unexpected lurch when you step on the gas: the great milestones in life –  and in human history – involve transportation, but none more so than the initial steps taken by […]

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The Taconic State Parkway

The Taconic State Parkway never quite got to where it was going. 

While some drivers love it and others hate it, at 105.3 miles in length, it is the longest parkway in New York State, we’ll give it that. If there’s anyone here who’s not driven the […]

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Driving into Summer

Summer is the ideal time for drive-in movies. After recapping the history of the drive-in movie, Main Street shares news on a local spot in Amenia that offers films, food, and so much more. There are lots of other movie nights in the Hudson Valley region, so […]

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Love, laughter, and the Lasso effect

There can be something mildly satisfying about standing in the check-out line at your go-to grocery store, waiting for Jill, or whoever your favorite checker might be. We can recognize that “self check” might save time and certainly save the grocery management salaries, but waiting (im)patiently in […]

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US Farm Bill Update & Scenic Hudson

Congress is getting ready to shape the 2023 Farm Bill.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the agriculture industry’s hot topics. 

The 2023 Farm Bill supports family farms through conserving natural resources and promoting the agricultural economy. Approximately every five years, America’s farm-related businesses are affected by […]

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Say Aloha to Aloha Tacos

Part of what Main Street Magazine has been delivering every month for the past ten – yes, ten! – years, is fresh and interesting local content. If the magazine were a buffet, it would be all kinds of deliciousness. So here’s another addition to the fresh, exciting, […]

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Through the Years

As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we invite you to glance back at the last decade. While we’re looking at where we’ve been, let’s also take time to look ahead with optimism for what’s to come. 

A decade is a long time. Think about all of the […]

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