Immersed In Nature

Within the last few decades, technology has certainly kept the pace buzzing. While access to a wealth of information on our phones certainly has its advantages, we’re also continually distracted and interrupted by the constant flow of emails, texts, and phone calls. During our leisure time, we […]

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Reading the Cards

It’s Sunday, and I’m on a walk and casting about for something to do. A manicure? Nah. Hmmm… what’s this? A drop-in tarot reading? Why not?

I’d been seeing posts about tarot on Instagram and in articles here or there. This year, Dior launched its spring/summer collection with […]

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Make January a Jump-Start

The holidays are over. The lights will soon be coming down. The dreariness of January, February, March, and – yes – even April looms like a black hole of bah humbug. And yet, this seemingly dreary time of year in our beloved Northeast can be a great […]

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Homegrown Leadership

In a letter to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson once wrote “Agriculture … is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to wealth, good morals and happiness….” and, as he sat overlooking his famous gardens from his home in Monticello, VA, wrote to a […]

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Red Hook Responds

By its very nature, volunteerism requires a sense of commitment often hard to come by. With families, careers, and the financial stress of “keeping up,” it can be hard to find time to volunteer. As the holidays approach, non-profit organizations look forward to the time of year […]

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Pine Plains Brings Heroes Home

It is the season of giving. When we think collectively about this time of year, it can be hard not to conjure up visions of the holidays that have been baked into our modern DNA through tradition and commercialization. That is not to say those two elements […]

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The Triumph of Tradition

We are, at the core, a nostalgic lot. Through pandemics, wars and recessions, we have remained a culture that revels in traditions and ceremonies. We find some sort of resolution in repeating the symbolic dances of the end of the year.

Pumpkins carved at Halloween perched on the […]

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Community Counts On Blessings

It is once again the time of year when, in addition to the general merriment that comes with the holiday season, people across the nation collectively take stock of what they have and what they feel grateful to have attained. While we amass friends and family and […]

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Help Wanted

What is left to be said about the past year that has not already been learned, experienced, and shared? In the intervening months that sluggishly married 2020 with its successor, many facets of society experienced seed changes. From personal health to social interactions, the kind of daily […]

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