Taking the Lead

Simply saying that music has deep roots in the Berkshires undermines the very way it has helped to shape the character of the communities nestled within. Music has flowed with the history of Western Massachusetts like the way the Housatonic keeps time with the changing seasons in […]

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Form, Function, And…

When it comes to the homes that define our lives, those that house the families who bond us eternally to the landscape as well as the spaces that we occupy every day, art can be defined by both the creation of structure as well as the recreation […]

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Breaking Boundaries

Sometimes all a person needs is someone to believe in them – someone who can restore hope while offering love, empathy, and compassion. It also helps when that person has a strategic plan and some solid resources.

This is what inspired Dutchess County resident Kelly Lyndgaard to shift […]

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Housatonic Heritage

History runs through this region. It follows the Housatonic River as it flows through the towns of Litchfield and Berkshire counties. Set out in any direction, and you’re bound to encounter the area’s past. Because of this, in 2006, Congress designated this region as the Upper Housatonic […]

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A Monumental Family Legacy

Like the legendary painters of the Hudson River School, or the long and storied line of woodworkers in the villages of the Berkshire foothills, the pantheon of craftsmen in the Northwest Corner of our Tri-state is as sublime as the landscape itself. Carved into the deep roots […]

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A Legacy of Liberty

An epitaph written by a man named Charles Sedgwick in 1829 for a family friend reads: “She neither wasted time, nor property. She never violated a trust, nor failed to perform a duty. In every situation of domestic trial, she was the most efficient helper, and the […]

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A Cautionary Tale

A week on, the vacuum still picks up the occasional wiry hair. It would seem that the dining room rug has been crisscrossed 20 times, and yet the mementos of our nighttime guest persist. But, in fairness, back to the beginning.

For those of us who have chosen to […]

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