Second Saturday

In the hills of Connecticut’s Litchfield County is Kent Barns – a sprawling complex of antique barns that are home to a variety of stylish art galleries, shops, and top-notch eateries. Visitors flock there for Second Saturday – a family-friendly community event, which kicked off May 14 […]

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Making All the Difference

Whenever I see the title for this publication, Main Street Magazine, I think not just of the small businesses on “Main Street,” but of the sidewalks that connect the businesses and are a wonderful place to see familiar faces, be recognized by friends, and meet new acquaintances.

There […]

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The Renaissance

To be at the intersection of Railroad and Main Streets in Great Barrington, MA, today is, for people who know the history of the town, like being at the graduation of one’s child from a Master’s Degree program. Thirty years ago, today’s scene was a dream and […]

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Rising Up

As things heat up for summer and life continues to feel like it did pre-pandemic, we’ll all be yearning to go out and have some fun. While we’re reveling in our newfound freedom and embracing the summer season, we’ll want to crank up the music and dance. […]

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All Aboard

Kingston, NY, is renowned for many things. Most noteworthy, it served as New York’s first capital in 1777. After the Battles of Saratoga, the riverside city was burned by the British on October 16, 1777. In the 19th century, Kingston became an important transport hub after the […]

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Walk This Way

Tracing history back to the earliest civilizations, people always found ways of traveling from one point to another. Whether it was by walking, traveling by horseback, or via a car, boat, train, or plane, people have always been on the move.

In the same way that former lighthouses […]

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True Believer

One can hear the energy and the excitement when Torsten Gross talks about his newest adventure. The Just Hands Racing Foundation is the latest in a string of challenging endeavors that has marked the very full life of Torsten. He is a true believer, 100% committed to […]

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Getting into the Flow

When interscholastic sports first appeared, it was in the form of school organizations that reached out to neighboring schools in the manner of colleges and universities. Track and field, baseball, and football clubs eventually became teams, which in turn spawned leagues, divisions, state championships, and cottage industries […]

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Green Ideas for Gift Giving

As we embrace spring, we revel in the freedom that emerges with the arrival of warmer weather. With the darkest days of the pandemic hopefully behind us, we’re all anticipating more gatherings, parties, and celebrations. Of course, many of these occasions call for gift-giving – bestowing someone […]

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Speaking for the Trees

We have a long, and at times, turbulent history with the trees and forests that inhabit our vast landscape. Even before Europeans sailed across the Atlantic in a vain attempt to tame the “pristine wilderness” of the New World, humans were utilizing American forests to help support […]

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