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Mary B. O’Neill, Ph.D. is a contributing writer on a variety of topics. In whatever she writes, Mary tries to see the humorous and philosophical in the subject at hand. She is an adjunct instructor in philosophy at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT. Prior to that, she coordinated adult programs at the Scoville Memorial Library in Salisbury, CT and worked in numerous non-profit organizations including The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Before moving to the area she lived in London for nearly a decade. Mary writes a periodic column for The Lakeville Journal called The Agora. She lives in Lakeville, CT with her husband and three children.

Designing Your Life

Feel stuck? Paralyzed and unable to take a step? Is your life out of sync with who you are, or who you want to be? Do you think you have to figure it out alone? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Enter the Designing Your Life (DYL) […]

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Getting into the Swing of Golf

Sometimes the Universe aligns in a particular way and propels you in a new direction. So it has been with me and golf. Friends applying positive peer pressure, a membership special at Canaan Country Club in Canaan, CT, and the discovery of a brand-new unboxed set of golf clubs. They had lain dormant in our […]

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Moving Heaven

Moving is stressful. Upheaval, resurfacing of possessions that trigger memories, deciding what to keep, toss, and donate, guesstimating where the furniture will fit, and finding a mover all contribute to the angst. Even local moves in the same town stir up conflicting emotions and create drama. A recent local move brought all these issues and […]

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Reading the Cards

It’s Sunday, and I’m on a walk and casting about for something to do. A manicure? Nah. Hmmm… what’s this? A drop-in tarot reading? Why not?

I’d been seeing posts about tarot on Instagram and in articles here or there. This year, Dior launched its spring/summer collection with […]

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Where Farm Meets Table

Emerging from our COVID has left us hungry – for experiences and joyful connection. For more than a year, we closed in on ourselves, threw ourselves into gardening and growing food, and found solace in the outdoors, perhaps becoming more curious about the natural world. It would […]

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Getting Schooled at Work

I’m the Coordinator of the Career Experience Program at Housatonic Valley Regional High School (HVRHS) in Falls Village, CT. This initiative helps students become more career aware and expose them to opportunities to gain that awareness. In this Covid year, it’s been a challenge to create opportunities […]

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Listening Beyond Differences

The year 2020 was an extraordinary one. COVID-19 and the political and social landscape have exposed the best and worst in what humans are capable of. We simultaneously feel torn further apart and drawn closer together. We rely on virtual interpersonal connectivity in ways we might not […]

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