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Mary B. O’Neill, Ph.D. is a contributing writer on a variety of topics. In whatever she writes, Mary tries to see the humorous and philosophical in the subject at hand. She is an adjunct instructor in philosophy at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT. Prior to that, she coordinated adult programs at the Scoville Memorial Library in Salisbury, CT and worked in numerous non-profit organizations including The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Before moving to the area she lived in London for nearly a decade. Mary writes a periodic column for The Lakeville Journal called The Agora. She lives in Lakeville, CT with her husband and three children.

Anatomy of a Resume: The Summary Statement

Resume experts advocate abandoning the objective statement in favor of the summary statement. The summary statement sits at the top of your resume below your contact information and serves a very different purpose.

The objective statement of yesteryear is vague and centered on what you’re looking for. Use that valuable resume real estate for […]

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What’s a Resume for Anyway?

The role of the resume is in flux. Today, we must contend with online job postings and applications and electronic applicant tracking systems that screen and our resumes before a human lays an eye on them. This has led some HR professionals to assert that the traditional resume is dead, but there is no consensus. […]

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Smokedown Farm

Farming is part of the fabric of the northwest corner of Connecticut, so it’s not surprising that Englishman Dr. James Shepherd and his wife, California-native Katherine (known as “Shrevie”) chose this area to put down roots and fulfill their dream of owning and operating a farm.

After eight years […]

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