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Right about this time, 17,000 years ago, the Main Street distribution area was covered by hundreds of feet of ice. From the Housatonic to the Hudson, South Taconics to Catskills, the Laurentide Ice Sheet shaped our area at literal glacial speed, scouring bedrock and depositing minerals in places that would determine the character of this […]

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Natural, by Design

A few years ago, a cryptic acronym began to appear in my social media feeds: “FKT.” Too lazy to look it up, I assumed it was expletive-based shorthand for the exasperated athletes who used it in association with stupidly long undertakings like ultramarathons and “Everesting,” where a cyclist attempts to climb the height of Mt. […]

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Nature on Repeat

“You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” – Dr. Seuss

When I first moved back to New York after almost 20 years in Oregon, I felt like the outdoor scene in New York City was never good enough. The rock climbers weren’t badass enough, the […]

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Decay, the Good Way

There is something poetic, almost lyrical about compost, I’ve decided. True, most of the compost-conscious world focuses on prosaic matters like the ratio of nitrogen to carbon, feedstocks, and NYS DEC 360 permits. It elevates creatures that I’m guessing are voracious, called detritivores, and their taste for rotting food to levels that imply they are […]

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Taking the Waste out of Food Waste

It is a dilemma that everyone has most likely experienced. You lean back from the table as your food baby protrudes in front of you. Your plate still features the remaining forkfuls of food. Despite your best efforts you can’t bring yourself to finish the meal in an attempt to avoid the same fate as […]

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Southern New England by Contrast

This is a beautiful part of the country, it really is. At least once a week, a certain slant of light or the fleeting glimpse of a fox reminds me how lucky we are to live amidst such natural wonders.

But March?

This year, that fifth month of winter nudged me toward a madness that inspired the […]

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Giving Life to your Backyard

When I began my journey into wildlife photography about ten years ago, I was assuming I was entering into a field in which I’d have a new way to create beautiful photographs. Although this turned out to be true, I quickly realized there was so much more.  With each subject I captured, I returned home […]

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Climate Smart Communities

In an age of heightened climate consciousness, where political leaders and corporate enterprises have begun to feel the pressure of concerned citizens and scientists regarding the health of the planet, grassroot volunteerism has sprung up across communities everywhere. Residents in cities and towns across the country are coming together to identify and respond to the […]

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The Birth of the National Park System

George Catlin hated the law. He was seventeen years old when his father sent him to study at the Litchfield Law School. The elder Catlin was born in Litchfield County but after he completed his legal studies under Judge Tapping Reeve, he moved to the fledgling community of Wilkes-Barre, PA. There, young George Catlin met […]

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