Relax and Rejuvenate

It’s always a good idea to schedule time to pamper yourself, unwind, and indulge in some serenity. Haven Spa in Rhinebeck, NY, is the ideal destination for the art of self-care.

Annika Barriteau, PA-C is the visionary behind the recently revamped spa, which has been serving the Rhinebeck community for 21 years. She now serves as owner of […]

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Relief Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Have you ever experienced vertigo? A few months ago whenever I would exercise, stand up too quickly, or even roll over in bed it felt like the world was spinning. After losing my balance a few times and feeling nauseous, I went to my doctor who gave me a prescription medication for motion sickness. 

I […]

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Float Away – Yes You Can

Remember the jingle, “Calgon, take me away!”? It became a motto for stressed-out women. Stepping into a tub of bubbles was any and every woman’s way to escape her problems: the job, the kids, the housecleaning, the husband. Tranquility was just a bathtub away. For many of us, a soak in the tub is still […]

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Aging and Attitude

After celebrating the New Year (and for most of us, when we celebrate another birthday), we become even more conscious of time and how quickly it’s slipping away. In my opinion, there’s no point in lamenting about aging. There’s nothing we can do to stop time from ticking on. Rather than focusing on all the […]

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Finding Joy through Flow and Play

The last few years have certainly proved challenging for many. With COVID-19 circulating, and lockdowns and travel restrictions in place, many of us have felt “stagnant.” The term “languishing” describes the way many of us felt. The opposite of thriving, languishing leaves us feeling apathetic.

We can jumpstart our lives again. Each one of us holds […]

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