Wellness Teas and Infusions from Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Courtesy of Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders

Minding your body should be both simple and delicious. Using wholesome and powerful herbs and adaptogens like turmeric and hemp, our Wellness Infusions will elevate your health and make it just that much easier to start that new daily ritual. Whether you struggle with insomnia, live with anxiety, […]

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Buddhi Tribe 25-Minute Power Flow

With zoom and screen overload these days (and the major emotional exhaustion!) a short, quicker paced yoga asana practice can be just what you need to warm up, get blood flowing, invite restorative energy in while boosting your energy and creativity.

Enjoy this 25-Minute Power Flow. “Power” because of its pace and the energetic vibe of […]

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Better Posture, Better Breathing, Better Mood

Sarah Getz

This winter, more than ever before, we’re concerned about our health.

We’re all seeking ways to support ourselves – our immune function, our respiratory systems – as well as our emotional resilience. A simple yet frequently overlooked aspect of our health is the interplay between posture, breath, and mood. You know how you slump when […]

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Free Your Neck & Shoulders

Sarah Getz

Tightness around the neck and shoulders is a common modern woe. Sometimes it’s the fault of poor posture: if we work online or spend too much time gazing down at our device, we often end up with a slouched, rounded spine and forward head position. Sometimes it’s the residue of chronic stress or anxiety […]

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Oblong’s Top Wellness Books for the New Year- Part 3

Creativity: A Short and Cheerful Guide

By John Cleese

The legendary comedian, actor, and writer of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and A Fish Called Wanda fame shares his key ideas about creativity: that it’s a learnable, improvable skill.

“Many people have written about creativity, but although they were very, very […]

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Bringing the Global Community Home

The places we call home are as unique and diverse as the very world we share. For Abigail Marcelo Horace, owner and founder of Casa Marcelo, a burgeoning design firm in Falls Village, CT, unique interiors help to define human connection. Starting in 2017, Abigail has used her skill for aesthetically and structurally […]

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