Every year, we’re gifted with a variety of new music. New singles, new albums, re-releases, reunion tours … you name it, we got it this year. Aside from a bunch of new stuff to listen to, we also lost plenty of talented individuals who changed the music industry in ways that are hard to articulate. […]

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Ashley’s Complete Christmas Playlist

While many of you may be aware, for those of you who aren’t, Ashley, our director of advertising, is something of a Christmas connoisseur. She puts the Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving and starts playing the Christmas stations in the office sometime around mid-November when she thinks we won’t notice. Now that we’re officially in […]

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Art Museum Round-Up

Because our October issue is celebrating art and design, we are recommending a few art and history museums in the tri-state area. The NY/MA/CT area has a rich history of art and culture and that is evident in the sheer number of museums and historical estates we have in this area. This by no means […]

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Two Icons, One Night: Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks at Gillette Stadium

When my parents and I set out for Foxborough, MA, on Saturday afternoon, the weather prognosis was not good. Rain from Tropical Storm Ophelia was circling New England and the temperatures were clocking in at about 52 degrees.

But I couldn’t bring myself to care because we were going to see Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks […]

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Rob’s Records & Audio

If you share my experience of owning a record player, then you likely also share an insatiable need to collect new vinyl at any chance you get. When I was living in London for a few months this spring, I would come across an album I’d been wanting for ages, and excitedly set it aside […]

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There are few things in this world that make me happier than a bowl of guacamole and a basket of tortilla chips, and there’s one place that does it the best – Gaby’s on Montgomery Street in Rhinebeck. Making guacamole is a precarious process – you need to ensure that you have the right ratio […]

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Plastic Free Alternatives For the Household

The start of this month officially kicked off Plastic Free July. What initially started as a charity organization based in Australia has expanded into a global challenge to forego single-use plastics for the entire month of July, and ideally, forever.

The background of Plastic Free July

According to their website, Plastic Free July “provides resources and […]

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