Pianist Fei-Fei Performs Live From Music Mountain on August 9

Live From Music Mountain in Falls Village, CT, will present acclaimed pianist Fei-Fei performing works by Schumann, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Ennio Morricone as part of a weekly program of conversation and music that continues to explore the work of artists during the time of Covid-19. Fei-Fei, who was showcased prominently as a Cliburn finalist in […]

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Local Musician Captivates New York City Neighbors with Electric Performance in Honor of Healthcare Workers

The streets of New York City may be as quiet now as they have been in nearly a century’s time as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Still, the unprecedented hushed tones of Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs during the day has not repressed the communal spirit of its residents once the sun begins to […]

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New single from lespecial ‘The Vessel’ video shot in Millerton

Nationally renowned local band lespecial debuted the video for their new single “The Vessel” this past week. The track is the lead single off the band’s third full-length studio album scheduled for release this fall. The highly anticipated video for “The Vessel” was filmed by director Alex Harney and features footage shot in Housatonic, MA […]

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Gypsy Jazz Swings into the Northeast

How the unique style of Jazz has influenced local bands like The Lucky 5.

Jazz is more than melody, it’s more than the sound of trumpets and bass guitars cutting through the thick cigar smoke of a trendy bar room where music aficionados knowingly tap there heeled shoes on an old wooden floor. Jazz is […]

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