Going Nuclear

Caution: This article contains a trigger warning and a spoiler alert. 

Trigger warning: Your unconscious emotional triggers and emotional reactivity can harm your psychological and physical health. 

Spoiler alert: The happy ending is that addressing your reactivity is within your control, and with practice and perhaps some professional help, […]

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Come On, Get Happy!

With 2020 unfolding as it did, 2021 couldn’t arrive quickly enough. Over the past year, the pandemic has dominated our lives, lifestyles, media, social media, and conversations. All the uncertainty and fear of this novel coronavirus has certainly compromised our happiness and wellbeing.

It’s a new year, so […]

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The Sports Enthusiast

The easiest aspect of Christmas shopping for a sports enthusiast (whether it be a spouse, significant other, best friend, brother, sister, boss, whomever), is that there are so many toys and so much equipment on the sports market.

The smart approach is to make sure you know what […]

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In the Holiday Spirit

Just a few miles from the Village of Rhinebeck, NY, is The CENTER For Performing Arts – a local theatre whose actors are eager to spread some holiday cheer through their annual presentation of Charles Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol.

The production, which runs from November 19 through […]

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Community Traditions Continue

Brightly-colored poinsettias fill the greenhouse. Trees cover the lawn. Holiday music brings the sounds of joyful and industrious elves tying and decorating wreaths, bows, bows, and more bows, and of course the cheese, milk, and eggnog! Welcome to a shopping experience at the Housatonic Valley Regional High […]

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The Spirit of Giving

In a year marred with tragedy, mountains of anxiety and a landslide of mass confusion, perhaps the most enduring notion of 2020 has been humankind’s uncanny ability to combat chaos with compassion. As fear and uncertainty grew at an historic rate this year and loved ones as […]

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Taking the Lead

Simply saying that music has deep roots in the Berkshires undermines the very way it has helped to shape the character of the communities nestled within. Music has flowed with the history of Western Massachusetts like the way the Housatonic keeps time with the changing seasons in […]

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Form, Function, And…

When it comes to the homes that define our lives, those that house the families who bond us eternally to the landscape as well as the spaces that we occupy every day, art can be defined by both the creation of structure as well as the recreation […]

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Breaking Boundaries

Sometimes all a person needs is someone to believe in them – someone who can restore hope while offering love, empathy, and compassion. It also helps when that person has a strategic plan and some solid resources.

This is what inspired Dutchess County resident Kelly Lyndgaard to shift […]

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