When Emily Van Steenbergen’s husband Tyler opened a chiropractic office on Main Street in Millerton, NY, he only needed half the allotted space for his practice. Emily decided they should do something with the extra space that aligned with the needs of his clients. So she created a wellness store and brought in natural body […]

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A New Leaf in an Old Town

Books! Yes, hooray for books! I love libraries, and I love bookstores. If you ask my preference for an amusement park or a bookstore, it’s no contest: bookstore hands down. So it was with a great sense of excitement and anticipation that I entered A New Leaf Used Books on East Church Street just off […]

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Pine Plain’s Distinguished Pharmacist Nasir Mahmood

Before Stissing House was a refined restaurant, before the Pine Plains Platter and the Stissing Center, Nasir Mahmood arrived in Pine Plains in 1989 to take over an existing pharmacy. He heard about the Pine Plains Pharmacy while working at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, and within two weeks had moved with his young […]

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Pride Business Spotlight: Kent Hunter and Jonathan Bee of Hunter Bee

If you’re from the area, you’ve most definitely heard of Hunter Bee in Millerton, NY. Couple Kent Hunter and Jonathan Bee, owners and—of course—the antique store’s namesakes, opened up the shop 15 years ago.

Before starting their business, and having spent time in the Berkshires, Kent and Jonathan quickly learned of a town called Millerton. While […]

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Investing for the future

James Demmert had to run after our early morning conversation to appear on the Yahoo Finance channel, where he’s a frequent talking head on stock markets. In our brief 45-minute interview, he explained that attending Berkshire School had turned his life around and made him return to set up a New England office of his […]

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