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Family Farm: Migliorelli Farm Has Been Feeding the Hudson Valley’s Residents for Nearly a Century

By Published On: June 27th, 2024

The Hudson Valley is renowned for its abundance of food, restaurants, and chefs from the crops that are cultivated and grown on its land to the many chefs and food-, beverage-, and hospitality-industry employees who graduate from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park to the farm-to-table restaurants and the foodies who enjoy indulging in dishes prepared with its bounty. Farming has been a livelihood for generations.

According to data cited by, a leader in safeguarding the Hudson Valley’s irreplaceable landscapes, Native Americans initially grew corn, beans, and squash in the region’s fields. During the American Revolution, the area was considered the breadbasket of the 13 colonies due to the foods it supplied.

Today, the Valley’s family farms, some dating back three centuries, feed Hudson Valley residents. They are also part of New York City’s “foodshed.” Like a watershed, which outlines how water drains into a specific geographic area, a foodshed illustrates where a region’s food supply originates and where it goes.

With so many local suppliers, restaurants and the chefs who head them have plenty of options for sourcing delicious seasonal food, and Migliorelli Farm is proud to be one of them. The area’s full-time residents and its weekenders who own homes here also shop the business for local food for feeding their families and entertaining guests.

Main Street uncovers the story behind the iconic markets.

All photos with this article showcase the people, family, fruits, vegetables, and life at the Migliorelli Farm. All images courtesy of Migliorelli Farm.

Family roots
Farming and providing for the family have been a part of the Migliorelli legacy for generations. The family-owned farm, which traces its history back to 1933, was initially founded in the Bronx, NY, before relocating to Red Hook, NY, in June 1970.

It all began with brothers Rocco Migliorelli and Frank Migliorelli. Generations ago, they left their hometown of San Giorgio in Northern Italy and arrived in America. When determining what they could do to earn a living and support their families, they turned to the farming industry since they had some experience tending to the land in their old country.

Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Rocco worked hard and explored various ways of earning a dollar while he was in the Bronx. Beyond farming, he established a hot dog cart business.

“My grandma, Benita, who was Rocco’s wife, helped him cut onions and made sauces for the cart from home while she had time between her other jobs,” said Carly Migliorelli, one of the family members who currently heads up Migliorelli Farm. While still a resident of the Bronx, Rocco also drove a school bus.

The Hudson Valley’s Red Hook area soon became home to Rocco and Benita. In 1970, they moved to the region to assist Frank in running the day-to-day operations of a business called Linden Farms. Several decades have gone by since then and in that time, the Migliorelli brand has certainly flourished.

Then & now
Nestled in the heart of the countryside, the farm is more than just a place; it’s a commitment to sustainable, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients. Its farm-to-table philosophy is rooted in a deep connection to the land and a passion for wholesome, delicious food.

The family believes in the power of nature, the importance of sustainable farming practices, and the joy of sharing exceptional meals with loved ones. Every meal at Migliorelli Farm is a celebration of these values.

Since the early days, Migliorelli Farm has amassed several farm stands. In addition to the locations it operates in the Hudson Valley region, it also has a retail presence in Manhattan. Beyond Red Hook, other Hudson Valley locations include Rhinebeck, Rhinecliff, Mount Tremer, and Kingston.

The farms sell more than 140 types of delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables. The list includes everything from leafy greens to root vegetables such as radishes, beets, turnips, and carrots. It also offers a variety of cooking greens, including collard greens, broccoli rabe, kale and Tuscan kale, lettuce, arugula, cilantro, parsley, and dill. Other Migliorelli produce includes scallions, spinach, corn, tomatoes, squash, peas, beans, herbs, apples, stone fruit, berries, and pears.

Its chefs handpick the finest, ripest produce and the most tender cuts of meat, sourced directly from the farm and its trusted local partners. Each ingredient is chosen at the peak of its flavor, ensuring that your meal is a true delight for the senses.

The farm’s ever-changing menu reflects the changing seasons. The family believes that each time of the year brings its own unique ingredients and flavors. From crisp spring greens to hearty winter stews, you’ll find something to savor throughout the year.

Cider enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the Migliorellis also press their own apple and pear cider and grow grains such as rye and barley for local malt houses. Its grains are primarily malted in Germantown.

There’s no shortage of local businesses that also use foods from Migliorelli farms. Their ingredients are used in a handful of products available at From The Ground Brewery in Red Hook; Hudson Valley Distillers in Clermont; Tenmile Distillery in Wassaic; and beyond.

Restaurants & shops
Every week, Migliorelli farms’ fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients are snapped up by restaurant teams in the area as well as by eateries in New York City. Locally, its seasonal ingredients bring flavor to the menus at Terrapin in Rhinebeck; Phoenicia Diner in Phoenicia; Blue Hill Farms at Stone Barns in Tarrytown; and New York City’s Cookshop and Hearth. In Manhattan, Migliorelli’s foods up the flavor of dishes at Gramercy Tavern and ABC Kitchen.

“Quattro Farm Store in Pleasant Valley, NY, also carries a lot of our produce. The owners are our family members. Joyce Quattrociocchi is my aunt, and she is also the farmer,” said Carly Miglorelli. Thanks to these new generations, the Migliorelli family continues to deliver quality, fresh foods to the community and beyond.

Local markets
If you’re looking to source ingredients for an upcoming lunch or dinner or you’re in need of some appetizers to entertain guests, be sure to browse Migliorelli’s assortment of quality produce and food. There are plenty of locations and options to choose from.

Every April through December, the Migliorellis run the Red Hook farmstand at 7357 S. Broadway from 9am to 6pm. On Sundays, from April through December, they sell at the farmers market in the Village of Rhinebeck, NY. That market is also open from 9am to 6pm.

Mount Tremper’s Migliorelli farm business is open year-round from Wednesday through Monday from 9am to 6pm. It is located at 5150 Route 28. Uptown, Kingston, NY, marks the final Hudson Valley locale. This market is open year-round on Saturdays from April through November, also from 9am to 6pm.

Those who have dwellings in the city or who commute there for work can find the Migliorelli name at a variety of New York City sites. The Migliorellis sell their stone fruit, apples, pears, and vegetables – from roots veggies to leafy greens, tomatoes, corn, beans, and peas – at a bunch of farmers markets in the city.

Among them is Grow NYC’s Greenmarket in Manhattan’s Union Square. It operates year-round on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. It also sells at Down to Earth Greenmarket’s Morningside Park, Manhattan, year-round every Saturday.

Seasonally, Migliorelli Farm offers its fresh goods in the metropolitan area on Thursdays at Grow NYC’s 175th Street Greenmarket in Manhattan and at Grow NYC’s Bronx location at the Bronx Borough Hall Greenmarket on Tuesdays.

Family affair
Migliorelli Farm is currently helmed by Ken Migliorelli and Carly Migliorelli. Another family member, Sam Migliorelli handles the New York City markets.

The business began to gradually shift hands from Rocco to Ken and Carly a while back when Rocco could no longer endure the long days that farming demands and running the tractor. Little by little, Rocco’s family members stepped in to assist him. The farm, which began with just Rocco and Frank, now employs about 60 people when in season.

Summer stock
Hosting friends or family this summer? In July, Migliorelli Farm will be selling delicious corn, stone fruit, and lots of berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and cherries. At the end of the month, it will have locally grown tomatoes, summer squash, beans, and peppers.

In August, the farm will offer loads of corn, tomatoes, and leafy greens as well as root vegetables. Apple picking season kicks off in mid-August.

“We also carry a lot of local meat; cheeses from Chaseholm Farm Creamery in Pine Plains; and Old Chatham Creamery in Upstate, NY. Jams hail from Beth’s Farm Kitchen in Old Chatham, NY, and pastas come from Sfoglini Pasta.”

Migliorelli’s kitchen stocks its year-round farm stands with seasonal soups that are available in July and August as well as bread, meatballs, mozzarella, and key lime pie.

Those who enjoy cooking and entertaining are always eager to shop at Migliorelli Farm. That’s why the business offers a membership tag, which can be purchased for $35. With the special tag, customers are granted 10% off. Migliorelli Farm currently has more than 400 members on board.

The farm is also an ideal destination for hosting events and gatherings: From intimate dinners to grand celebrations, Migliorelli Farm is a great venue for special occasions. •

Migliorelli Farm has multiple locations. Call (845) 757-3276, or visit online