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CB Wismar has fashioned a career out of being a storyteller. From his early days as a writer and producer of television shows and short films in Hollywood, where he managed to get three EMMY nominations and was twice a finalist in the Short Subjects competition for an “Oscar,” to his years of creating corporate videos for Fortune 500 companies and producing large form events and concerts, his goal has always been to create experiences.

Share a Cab

For the moment, let’s consider it “accidental intersection.” Coincidence seems too grand a designation, so it could only have been a simple twist of fate that the first song emanating from the car stereo speakers after we had emerged from a screening of Alex Garland’s Civil War was Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi. The irony […]

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The Museum Effect

‘Tis the season. Winter is now a fading memory. With warmer temperatures, windows and doors open, and the brackishness of closed houses drifting away, it’s time to offer up our trinkets and treasures to the annual tradition of yard sales.

Based on the geographic origin of our childhoods, our designation for this rite of spring can […]

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If Wishes Were Horses

If it had happened once, it likely would have simply been an anomaly – an odd moment in the universe when reasoning got temporarily suspended. It was, however, the third time in less than two weeks that a similar moment had presented itself.

“That’ll be six dollars.”  

The total of two “senior citizen” admissions to […]

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All our lives we have been inundated with moving images: television, film, social media. We are so inured to the constancy of the motion, color, and sound, that when an image holds still, it causes a momentary catch – the need to register what we are seeing.

It was a moment like that that captured the […]

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Childhood memories of black and white television. The Lone Ranger.  “Hopalong” Cassidy. Wyatt Earp. Gene Autry. Gabby Hayes. Bass Reeves.


Bass Reeves. He was not on the list of western heroes who filled the screen with 30-minute installments of fantasies about the taming of the frontier. His moment came many decades later when, after a lengthy […]

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With the shorter days and early darkness of winter, the screening of Napoleon began as an afternoon matinee and ended as night fell. It is a long film, spanning years of turmoil and combat in the early years of the 19th century.  

The “Reign of Terror” had finally come to an end and the […]

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Ah, it’s December! It’s time to roll out the traditional holiday favorites:  Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, Polar Express, It’s a Wonderful Life, and that all-time classic, Fiddler on the Roof.

Fiddler on the Roof?

True, the musical based on Tevye and His Daughters by Sholem Aleichem, is not a Christmas story. Far from it. […]

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Who Cares?

There are powerful rhythms in art, music, and literature that certainly don’t subscribe to a strict 4/4 time. Images will reappear years after we first see them. Passages from books that were favorites a decade ago will suddenly manifest themselves in an article, a quote on the late news, or a weather-worn bumper sticker on […]

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Sounds of Age

Somehow, “spring cleaning” got passed over this year. Perhaps it was the end of a strange New England winter and the slide into a rainy summer season that let the annual rite of purging slide by, unfulfilled. So, we decided to institute another annual tradition – fall cleaning.  

Closets are always a great place […]

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Portable Privacy

“It’s been quite a summer.” It’s an innocent enough line delivered by a total stranger, offered to pass a few moments while waiting for the barista to fulfil a request for a very large iced coffee. And, with brief reflection, the statement was quite true. Heat, humidity, raging thunderstorms, flooding … just the weather would […]

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