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CB Wismar has fashioned a career out of being a storyteller. From his early days as a writer and producer of television shows and short films in Hollywood, where he managed to get three EMMY nominations and was twice a finalist in the Short Subjects competition for an “Oscar,” to his years of creating corporate videos for Fortune 500 companies and producing large form events and concerts, his goal has always been to create experiences.

Top Gun: Maverick

TOP GUN: MAVERICK!. Tom Cruise! Adrenaline pumping fighter jet sequences! Screaming motorcycles! Jennifer Connelly! Val Kilmer!. That’s apparently all need one recite to fill movie theaters for the first time in years.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is here. It’s out. And the cash registers across America’s challenged web of cinematic shrines are ringing. The nicest part of […]

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True Believer

One can hear the energy and the excitement when Torsten Gross talks about his newest adventure. The Just Hands Racing Foundation is the latest in a string of challenging endeavors that has marked the very full life of Torsten. He is a true believer, 100% committed to […]

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Cyrano, I Love You

Those were the words that Peter Dinklage, title character in this brilliant interpretation of Edmond Rostand’s 19th Century play was longing to hear.  It took over two hours of sword fighting, soul searching songs, engaging choreography, consuming visual settings and a tour de force by a cast of beautifully matched actors re-framing […]

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The Simple Joys

The reviews are in. The critics have spoken. And, the crowds have responded by making their way to Le Gamin, the pleasant French restaurant in Sharon, CT. Robert Arbor … owner and chef at Le Gamin Studio Agraire could not be more pleased. “The customers have been […]

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It’s Complicated … And So Is Love

Death on the Nile

The film may not be “perfect” in the aggrandized Hollywood critical sense, but it is an engaging, entertaining, challenging, beautifully presented film. And that, we would opine, is why we go to the movies in the first place. We want to be entertained. We want to be diverted. We want to think […]

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Love and Frustration … thy Name is OSCAR

It seems that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences love to fool moviegoers every year. The nominations for this year’s OSCARs provided the Academy with several opportunities to confuse … and they did not disappoint.

For most filmgoers, the real battle is for Best Picture … with the list of contenders seven strong, as […]

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Mountainside Cafe

It’s a modest place, tucked away on Route 7 South in Falls Village, CT. Clean white building, ample parking with overflow across the road, a simple sign and a warm welcome. Mountainside Café is one of those unique places where the community inside the building welcomes and builds the community outside the building. During the […]

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Being…Simply the Best

Being the Ricardos

Luci and Desi. They were giants. Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem. They are legends. Aaron Sorkin. He’s an undisputed genius. Add together, mix well and roll out onto the screen as Being the Ricardos and the recipe holds up from start to two hour and five minute finish.

It’s highly unlikely that many of […]

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A Big Slice of “Licorice Pizza”

Paul Thomas Anderson, writer and director (read “auteur”) of “Licorice Pizza” has a fondness of Los Angeles that infuses every scene of his latest film.  It’s 1973 in the San Fernando Valley – that vast string of bedroom communities north of the Hollywood Hills and Mulholland Drive.  During the 2 hours and 13 minutes of […]

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West Side Story

Spielberg+ Bernstein+ Kushner+ Sondheim= AMAZING

The wait for West Side Story is finally over as the pandemic release of Steven Spielberg’s rendering of the class has finally hit the theaters, just in time for the holidays. And, it is …AMAZING

From the opening credits through to the final heart-rending high angle shot of the impromptu funereal parade, […]

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