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CB Wismar has fashioned a career out of being a storyteller. From his early days as a writer and producer of television shows and short films in Hollywood, where he managed to get three EMMY nominations and was twice a finalist in the Short Subjects competition for an “Oscar,” to his years of creating corporate videos for Fortune 500 companies and producing large form events and concerts, his goal has always been to create experiences.

Theatre Review-THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST :Berkshire Theatre Group


Berkshire Theatre Group (Unicorn Theatre, Stockbridge, MA)

Through July 10, 2021

It needs to be said. The subtitle that Oscar Wilde gave to his best known play The Importance of Being Earnest which is on stage at the Unicorn Theatre in Stockbridge, MA through July 10th is “A Trivial Comedy for Serious People.”

It’s […]

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At local theaters and streaming on HBO Max (one month)

If, as singer/songwriter Harry Chapin once observed, “All my life’s a circle …” then let’s begin where we end. Full circle.


There, now that we’ve settled that, let’s give you a few of the thousand reasons to head out to a cinema […]

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Currently in theaters and streaming in July


Movie “franchises” are intriguing. Think Godfather or Terminator or the paragon, Star Wars. Once the gauntlet is thrown and viewers have become hooked on the characters, the challenges, the risks and the inevitable triumphs, filmmakers have to contend with the ultimate crowd-killer “I liked the […]

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Film Review-Dream Horse



In local theaters and streaming on June 11th


It only seems fair that one of the first forays into in-theater film viewing in a post-pandemic summer should be a “feel good” film about real people who do everyday (read “dull”) jobs and end up getting hit with […]

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Summer-Enter Stage Right

How long has the year been? How deep the winter? We have plumbed the depths of streaming videos, watched endless re-runs of programs we once loved, learned how to squint at a computer screen to watch dancers, tiny and flickering … and longed to be present, to be in the moment, to be consumed with […]

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Great Barrington Public Theater

“There’s such and incredible pool of talent up here… from Connecticut through Massachusetts into Vermont and throughout New York.” Jim Frangione is very expressive when talking about regional theater in the Litchfield Hills, the Berkshires, and the Hudson Valley. “We’ve got great theater here that draws incredible talent from New York and Boston. It’s the […]

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Deconstructed, Revitalized… Reconstructed

Perhaps Oscar Wilde was correct. “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Should one be in need a living example, please welcome Richard Griggs. An artist who finds elegance and beauty where others see pieces that should be consigned to the local transfer station, Griggs creates pieces that take on new and whimsical […]

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The Fifteen Gifts of Christmas

Berkshire Theatre Company presents Holiday Memories by Truman Capote

CB Wismar

Just when the year seemed to be ending, as T.S. Eliot observed “… not with a bang, but a whimper,” Holiday Memories appears in the courtyard of Berkshire Theatre Group’s (BTG) Unicorn Theatre in Stockbridge, MA, and the entire game changes.

For fifteen performances scattered […]

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A Gift of Place

It was a gift, created out of love, respect and the spirit of the community. After 133 years, the gift endures and continues to honor the man whose name it bears – Orville Dewey.

Dewey Memorial Hall in Sheffield, MA, is no common effort at celebrating the life of a stalwart community resident. It is not […]

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